Guide to Catch Ditto in Pokemon Go (2024)

If you going to catch Ditto Pokemon then you really need luck on your side. Because Ditto is one of the rare pokemon that you can encounter in Pokemon Go because it has less than a 3% chance of finding Ditto in the game.

This is because you know Ditto does not appear as the Ditto it can be easily transformed into any random Pokemon and the chances become lesser if you don’t know how to identify the Ditto in Pokemon Go.

To know the difference between these pokemon and actual ditto pokemon we mentioned some locations and tips on how to catch ditto pokemon. As you follow these tips the chances of getting Ditto will be increased.

how to catch a ditto

Which Pokemon can be Ditto Pokemon?

You really needed a piece of strong luck in order to find Ditto in Pokemon Go. But you can take a hint from current Pokemon Go Ditto disguises. There is no official list of what pokemon can Ditto transform in the game.

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However, there is a list of pokemon that can be Ditto in Pokemon Go this list was reported from unofficial sources.


How To Know The Pokemon is Ditto or Not?

As we mentioned earlier, the ditto pokemon is maybe transformed into other pokemon and copied their abilities, stats, and the CP of Pokemon.

To capture Ditto in Pokemon Go, the Trainer need to capture the Pokemon and if it’s actually Ditto. Then once you capture that Pokemon will revert back to Ditto in its original appearance.

how to catch ditto pokemon go

Ditto will reveal itself when the trainer will catch the same pokemon successfully. When this process is done there will no gotcha notification will pop up but instead of the gotcha, there will be an oh?. This will pop up in the ball and ditto will appear in front of the trainers will the big happy smiling self.

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Furthermore, they are also Shiny Ditto in Pokemon Go. If you’re lucky enough you can capture it instead of Ditto because is an extremely rare pokemon in the game.

Is it Possible To Hatch Ditto from the Eggs?

catch ditto pokemon go

No, it is not possible to hatch ditto from the egg. It must be captured and then find out if it’s ditto or not. This is the end of this short guide, hopefully, you find this article helpful for you. Well, the process of getting Ditto is like getting the Mega Energy in the game to evolve your Pokemon.

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