How To Catch a Ditto In Pokemon Go (2022)

The Pokemon Go game now has more than 500 pokemons. Catching one pokemon is not easy. Also, the ditto pokemon will not have any name mentioned on them you have to catch the pokemon and then you will find out which pokemon it is actually. Furthermore, in the game due to the low appearance, it is hard to guess the pokemon.

Ditto Pokemon will be present as some other pokemon while you catch the pokemon you will not this pokemon is ditto pokemon, ditto pokemon have the power to change into another pokemon.

So if you catch other pokemon and try to use their skills then you will know the difference. The only thing you can do is catch the pokemon from its nearby location and train them. As you start training the pokemon you will know if the pokemon is ditto or not.

To know the difference between these pokemons and actual ditto pokemon we mentioned some locations and tips on how to catch ditto pokemon. As you follow these tips you will get the pokemon easily and in one shot.

how to catch a ditto

How To Know The Pokemon is Ditto or Not?

As we mentioned earlier, the ditto pokemon is maybe transformed as other pokemon and copied their abilities, stats, and the CP of Pokemon. when you catch, you will be not aware of the pokemon you actually captured but when you use it you will know the pokemon is the actual pokemon are you captured, or is the ditto pokemon who transform into some other Pokemon.

To know the pokemon is ditto trainers need to catch a pokemon in which the ditto can transfer after that the catch window will appear on the screen which will represent the pokemon reverts back into ditto.

how to catch ditto pokemon go

Ditto will reveal itself when the trainer will catch the same pokemon successfully. When this process is done there will no gotcha notification will pop up but instead of the gotcha, there will be an oh?. This will pop up in the ball and ditto will appear in front of the trainers will the big happy smiling self.

Furthermore, there will be shiny ditto is present to capture in the wild. If you go wild to catch the shiny pokemon in which ditto can easily transfer then you will not know if the pokemon you had is ditto or not. Other than shiny pokemon trainers can capture other pokemon such as the Drowzee.

How To Catch Ditto In Pokemon Go?

how to catch a ditto in pokemon go

If you looking for some tips and strategies that you can apply in order to catch Ditto in Pokemon Go without having a hassle. Then don’t worry in this article we have mentioned some tips which will help you to catch the ditto. The tips will work as per your luck.

By using Near by Rader

To find any pokemon easily the top method is to keep an eye open, the pokemon more or less look the same in the first appearance but it will be helpful to know their location while searching them, as you look for any pokemon more and more will be added to your list.

By using Lures and Incense

From the recent updates, now the trainers can catch the ditto with the use of lures and incense. If you are at one place for a long time and moving your location to find the pokemon, to capturing pokemon make more interesting, in recent updates, the developers updated the lures and incense while using lures incense trainers can easily locate the pokemon

Ask to the grind:

Their shiny pokemon are entirely different from the other group of three pokemons and loot shared by team members or to the other player in the pokemon goo. Whereas in ditto cas the ditto can be found in the group of the pokemon spawn suppose if your team has the ditto pokemon and you want one then if you get to that place you will also receive a ditto pokemon.

Try your Luck in the Lucky Egg:

The lucky egg is not gonna help you to find out the ditto pokemon but while hunting for the ditto pokemon the XP of your game point will be on the peak do the lucky egg will double the XP rate for the next half an hour

Is it Possible To Hatch Ditto from the Eggs?

catch ditto pokemon go

No, it is not possible to hatch ditto from the egg. It must be captured and then find out its ditto or not. To get the ditto you have to hunt for them and after hunting them you have to find out also.

About the Ditto Pokemon:

So if you capture the pokemon and find out its ditto then you should be aware of the following things before you use the ditto.

Ditto Is just a pokemon that can modify itself as others in the pokemon. When you capture the ditto pokemon in pokemon go you will receive the three candu. There is not an evolved version for the ditto pokemon in pokemon go.

To power it up the ditto, trainers need to power through the other pokemon. Also, you will receive the candy if the ditto pokemon is y9our buddy and you walk with the ditto for every 3km.

Which Pokemon can be Ditto Pokemon?

As we know the ditto has the power to transfer itself as other pokemon, so it’s hard to find out the ditto in pokemon. We mentioned some pokemon which will clarify the doubts about it.

  • 1st generation ditto disguises
  • Gastly and drowzee
  • 2nd generation ditto disguises
  • Teddiursa and Remoraid
  • 3rd generation ditto disguise
  • Gulpin and numel
  • 4th generation ditto disguise
  • Stukny
  • 5th generation
  • Dwebble
  • Foongus

To use the ditto pokemon you need to prepare as your ditto as the opponent’s pokemon, the ditto can change into other pokemon but it will not have all skills of it. The trainers need to train the ditto pokemon as other pokemon or more than this.

Also, you can depend on the ditto completely as the pokemon can change into another but the other pokemons is itself so there will be large skill differences there.

The difference is that, if some pokemons can not withstand the other pokemon attack and in that case, you use the ditto as that then it will be very helpful to win the battle.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most asked questions related to the Ditto Pokemon with a complete explanation of each question by the player.

Which Pokemon could be Ditto?

If you want to catch the Ditto in the Pokemon Go game, Then you must know which in which Pokemon’s the Ditto can be transformed. Well, the Ditto can be transformed into the following Pokemons including Gastly, Drowzee, Teddiursa, Remoraid, Gulpin, Numel, Stunky, Foongus, Dwebble.

What does Ditto evolve into?

Ditto is a Pokémon of the Normal Type with no evolutions. It has the following entry in the Pokedex: “Ditto rearranges its cell structure to take on several forms. This Pokémon, on the other hand, manages to get details wrong when attempting to convert itself into something by depending on its memories.”

Is Ditto a rare Pokemon?

Ditto may take on the appearance of other Pokemon such as Numel, Drowzee, Teddiursa, Remoraid, and many more likely mimic their moves and CP. According to various sources, the chances of getting a Ditto are currently at 3%, which is incredibly unlikely.

Can Ditto transform into legendary Pokemon?

Yes, the Ditto can easily able to transform into legendary Pokemon and copy attacks and CP. However, catching Ditto is also very hard, mostly the chance of getting ditto is less than 3 percent in Pokemon Go.

Can Ditto Transform into Arceus (Strongest Pokemon)?

Yes, Ditto can transfrom into the Arceus. Because the Ditto can be able to transform into any physical object and mimic their form, stats, and abilities along with CP.

This is the end of this short guide, hopefully, you find this article helpful in order to know how to catch a Ditto in Pokemon Go. Well, the process of getting Ditto is like getting the Mega Energy in the game to evolve your Pokemon. Don’t forget to check below given Pokemon Go relevant guides to improve your gaming skills on Pokemon Go.

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