Starfield How Many Planets are there?

Wondering, about Starfield How Many Planets are there? Fans sensed something major was on the way when Bethesda revealed Starfield. To be honest, no one anticipated it to be the most massive space-exploration RPG ever.

Indeed, the present figures are so unbelievable that many gamers are wondering how many planets will be featured in Starfield—and how it could handle such a massive cosmic ecology. This guide explains every information regarding Starfield’s planets and Star System size for people who have the same queries.

The notion of players being able to explore a plethora of worlds in the game has been at the core of the game’s marketing. According to Director Todd Howard, Starfield is “Skyrim in space,” which means there will be lots of tasks to accomplish, adversaries to defeat, and destinations to discover.

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Starfield How Many Planets are there
Image Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Number of Planets in Starfield

Starfield has over 1,000 planets spread throughout 100 Star Systems. Players will be able to explore all of these planets, even though only a handful will be livable. Starfield is the largest Bethesda game in terms of scale, with 100+ hours of space mining and cosmic exploration.

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According to Howard, “about 10% of those planets have life on them.” This is understandable, as constructing 100 separate planets with various life beings will most certainly put a load on the game. “We’re pushing it to the limit of what people believe, what planets are in the Goldilocks Zone versus planets with resources?” He said.

We’re confident that Easter Eggs and extremely bizarre settings will be discovered once the game is out. If this occurs, we will update this guide with further information on the game’s worlds.

Alien species on Starfield worlds are not randomized, unlike other games. The creators have said that gamers will come across biological species native to that particular Star System. According to Starfield Direct information and pre-release gameplay footage, the most noticeable worlds are Jemison, Gagarin, and Akila. However, the plot is most likely connected to Olivas, Chawla, Mars, and Earth.

That’s how many planets there are in Starfield as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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