Is Wayfinder Coming to Xbox

Wayfinder is an online game where players take on the role of heroes known as Wayfinders in order to discover a way to both combat the forces of Chaos and rebuild their planet, whether alone or with friends.

Despite having an Early Access phase this summer, the game may not get an Xbox edition to go along with its Playstation and PC versions. Will Wayfinder ever be released on Xbox consoles? This guide contains all you need to know.

Kyros in Wayfinder
Image Credit: Airship Syndicate

Will Wayfinder Release on Xbox Consoles?

As of this writing, there has been no official indication of when or if Wayfinder would be released on Xbox platforms. Although no official statement has been made resolving this issue, the designers of Airship Syndicate stated in an interview a few months ago that they have not forgotten about Xbox fans.

Directors Steve Madureira and AJ LaSaracina stated in the interview that PlayStation has been a fantastic partner and was passionate about the project, making it the ideal option to begin with PlayStation for early access.

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They go on to say that the Xbox logo can be found on their official website and that Airship Syndicate is “excited to get Xbox players into the game later this year.”

With this information, it appears like Wayfinder will be released for Xbox systems soon. There is no guaranteed release date or any evidence to indicate that this will happen, but it’s wonderful to know the developers have acknowledged Xbox gamers and haven’t forgotten about them.

If you’re an Xbox gamer looking to play Wayfinder, I can promise you that you’re not missing out. While the game is enjoyable, the servers have been a challenge, and only a limited number of people (both PlayStation and PC) can log in and play for lengthy periods of time.

I can only imagine how bad these servers would be if Xbox were included in the Wayfinder early access trial, since they would almost certainly be far worse.

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That’s all the info we have on Wayfinder coming to Xbox as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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