Steam Summer Sale 2023: Dates, Discounts, and More

Open your Steam account now it’s time to add a few more games to your devices. Yeah, Steam has just announced Steam Summer 2023 deals and discounts. Where you can find some pocket-friendly new and old games on Steam’s website. Further, Valve, the developer has announced all the future sales and fest, so you can plan your budget accordingly. 

How Many Sales Are There on Steam?

Steam Summer Sale 2023
Image via Steam

Steam introduces four seasonal sales every year such as Winter, Summer, Spring, and Autumn. From above mentioned season, steam announces big discounts and offers in the summer and winter sale seasons.

No one likes to miss those sales throughout the year. Furthermore, Steam occasionally announces the Fest Sales too to engage the gamers. 

In this sale season and fest, the discounts or price cuts are not based on the games, they apply to all the games even on AAA games.

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You can also find price cuts on newly added popular games like Hogwarts Legacy. So you don’t want to miss this exciting price. So, when will the Steam Summer Sale 2023 take place? Let’s find out in this guide.

Steam Summer Sale 2023: Find out all

Valve has announced a two-week-long Steam Summer Sale 2023 will commence from 29th June 2023 to 13 July 2023. Where you can find discounts on all released games. Now, you can have the premium version of the game during the Summer Sale 2023 on Steam. 

Two types of discounts can be on Steam. Self-served where discounts or offers are given as launch discounts, Weeklong Deals, and Custome Discounts. On the other hand, there is a Curated policy, where Valve chooses the deals to promote the game and which will appear on the front page. 

During the Steam Summer Sale 2023 not only on the best game on Steam, old or newly added, and Indie but the price cut will be applied to all the games of 2023, irrespective of their sold on Steam. However, there will be a little bit of difference in price cuts, like some games can have 30% off and some may have only 20% off the price, 

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Furthermore, occasionally there are discount offers from the publisher of the gamer, whenever the publisher announces the discounts or price cut on their game.

Steam may promote those games on the first page. Where you can try and purchase the game. The publisher discounts are irrespective of the Steam Sale 2023. 

Know the 2023 Steam Sale Schedule

Now, you know the Steam Summer Sale 2023 will begin on the 29th of June and continue till 13 July. Further, Steam has planned some Steam Seasonal and Steam Fest Sales too. 

Steam Summer Sale 202329th June 2023 to 13th July 2023
Steam Stealth Fest 202324th July 2023 to 31st July 2023
Steam Visual Novel Fest 20237th August 2023 to 14th August 2023
Steam Strategy Fest 202328th August 2023 to 4th September 2023
Steam SHMUP Fest 202325th September to 2nd October 2023
Steam Next Fest 20239th October 2023 to 16th October 2023
Return of Steam Scream Fest (Halloween)26th October 2023 to 2nd November 2023
Steam Autumn Sale 202321st November 2023 to 28th November 2023 
Steam Winter Sale 2023 21st December 2023 to 4th January 2024


That’s all you need to know about the Steam Summer Sale 2023. It will start on the 29th of June, when you open Steam you can find the same game with new prices. Move the game from the WishList to purchase now. Further, we have mentioned the Steam Sale 2023, so plan your budget accordingly. 

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