Teamfight Tactics Patch 12.8: All You Need To Know

TFT Patch 12.8 is released and here we covered all the changes that you see in this new patch update. Mainly the Rito Games in this patch update focused on making changes to the damage of the characters in Teamfight Tactics.

Teamfight Tactics Patch 12.8 Patch Notes

The Teamfight Tactics Patch 12.8 update does not have much for the players, it was mainly focused on mixing the issue with Augment and Unit scaling and more.

Points To Consider in TFT Patch 12.8

This patch note update allows you to take a minimum of one damage when you’re losing to the Double up battle. The update also fixed the bugs such as Sunfire Cape and Radiant Sunfire Cape in which opponents are getting burned is resolved and Senna no longer get the Mana by Blue Buff and Blue Battery.

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Buffed and Nerfed in TFT Patch 12.8

Radiant Relics + Golden Egg option, Quickestsilver and Radiant Quicksilver Attack Speed up 45 to 55 percentEternal Winter’s slow attack increased from 25 to 30% and Frozen Heart’s slow attack speed also reduced by up from 35 to 30 percent
Following Buffed TFT Units – Zilean, Kha’Zix, Renata Glasc and Vi are updated in this patch note.In terms of Nerfed following units Ekko, Gangplank and Jinx get updated.
Following are the Buffed Traits – Chemtech, Enchanter, Hextech, SyndicateIn terms of Nerfed Traits the Mutant (Cybernetic Enhancement), Mutant (Voracious Appetite AD + AP), Scrap has some changes.

Hopefully, this is guide helpful for you to know Teamfight Tactics Patch 12.8 update to know more you can also check Rito Games official TFT patch update. For more similar content you can check our Teamfight Tactics guide panel.