Temtem Tier List (May 2022) : Strongest Characters Ranked

Temtem is a multiplayer game available in PlayStation 5 and Xbox. In this game,e players explore islands called Airborne Archipelago. Where they have to complete a quest and tame strangers called Temtem tier. However, players can change his/her appearance according to their choice.

For example, their hair, colour and clothes. Crema is the developer of the game whereas the humble bundle is the publisher of the Temtem tier. Furthermore, this article will help you in the best Temtem tier list. Here, you will get to know about the best (S tier) and worst ( B tir). Therefore, read it till the end.

S Tier

temtem list


In Temtem ukama is Ed 4 the final evolution of Umishi. Meanwhile, in gaming, only oceara is capable like kamaa. Because, ukama is the fastest waterborne Temtem among all. Ukama is best known for highest base SPD stat.

Anahir –

The anahir is the fire type. Because it belongs to the crystal. Anahir is physically very strong. Also, have the exception of earth damage

Oceara – 

Oceara temtem is the only non-evolving Temtem among all Temtem. Because oceara has the highest base SPATK. Above all, it is the most powerful attacker. Also, with high speed.


Saku is the only one who belongs to nature and wind. Also,saku has strong health along with powerful defence stats. Moreover, saku is the final evolution of saku which is found in a glassy way. Additionally, kupeleleza and canonpath.


Gazuma is the electric Temtem and final evolution of the Ganki. Furthermore, you can search Gazuma in the pillars of highway and matope road. Therefore, Gazuma is best known for having the most gentle features among all. Above all, Gazuma is stronger among all-electric Temtem. Because it has the Highest base SPDEF.

A Tier



Firstly, saipat looks like a duck in the shape. Plus, saipat will not evolve like others. Saipat belongs to the category of water and melee type. Moreover, saipat has the highest HP base stats among all mele and water Temtem. From this, you can imagine how strong saipat is. Additionally, strong Temtem has attack stats and high health stats. But, saipat has one negative thing and that is STA and SPDEF.


A tier Temtem has the best Temtem. Nessla is one of them. Well, nestled will not evolve. Also, needles belong to water and electricity. However, it will best perform in the water. To conclude, the needle is best known for special attack stats and strong attacks.


Tental is an evolution that turns into Nagase. For instance, Tental belongs to the mental type Temtem. Above all, tental is strong, speedy, has powerful moves and attacks stats in the game. But, users will not be able to get them naturally. He has to struggle in evolving the touch.


Like tental , baboong comes after the evolution of the size. So, baboong Temtem is a melee Temtem. Furthermore, it evolves into seismunch. Importantly, baboong are not good at handling good tempers naturally. Because, babbong is a street fighter. Alike tental , baboong too are not available naturally. Hence, you will not be able to find them easily. You must struggle to get them and evolve a smazee.


Like Tental, barnshe too belongs with the mental type. Along with mental, barnshe also belong with wind type. But, barnshe does not evolve like Dental. Henceforth, barnshe uses his mind as a weapon. And, does not use anything in weapons. That is to say, barnshe suffers damage. Especially from electric actions.

B Tier

temtem tiers


Serial form after the crystal evolution. And, that is why the herald is called crystal type. Furthermore, the herald also evolved In the tortenite. Just like A tier teams, they also need to evolve to form themselves. And, should evolve In the form of tortenite. Plus, you must evolve a crystal. Moreover, the herald is very defensive and strong in attacking stats.


Well, water is different. Because it is a Non-evolving Temtem. And, later Temtem belongs to the neutral type. The big problem occurs here is that you have to train later type Temtem. Because tateru type Temtem are kind of shy type. Additionally, tateru Temtem is highly rated. Which includes HP stats and STA stats.


As the letter starts from W. Thus, plump belong with wind and water. Formation of these kinds of Temtem is after the evolution of forms. Because of having water and wind type these Temtem suffers from electric actions and attacks. However, plump is strong, powerful and brave. It has special defence Power and special attacks power.


Hence, above mentioned are the compilation of the Temtem tier. In which you have three kinds of Temtem. For example, A tier, B tier and S tier. This will help you choose which character you want to play. Because now, you have full details of if.

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