Heroes of the Storm (Hots) Tier List (Sept. 2022)

If you searching for the Heroes of the Storm Tier List of current meta. Then you’ve visited on the correct web page. Here we have arrange the ultimate tiers list of Hots characters by their survival rate, damage out and versatility in the game.

Hots Tier List

In this tier list, we have arranged six tiers from S Tier to F Tier. In which the S tier has all the strongest characters and the F Tier has all the weakest characters of the game.

S- Tier

Heroes of the Strom  Tier List
Hots Tier List

All the strongest characters of the Heroes of the Storm game.

DeathwingBruiserTier SPerhaps the perfect option for a team battle Deathwing has a lot of armour, health and slow but powerful skill.  
Kael’thasRanged AssassinTier SThe secret to Kael’thas is to use Living Bombs to dictate the movement and formation of the enemy.  
XulBruiserTier SThe health increase makes Xul less mobile particularly on smaller battlefields


These are all close to the strongest character means that can deliver a head-to-head battles with S Tier characters.

Heroes of the Strom

As you’ll see, there is a lot of tanks, including favourites like Johanna or Garrosh, and range assassins in the A Tier.

AnaHealerTier AShe is very helpful to Ana’s range while in close combat.
AnduinHealerTier AAnduin’s continued recovery and the ability to save allies is essential to becoming such a successful healer.  
BlazeTankTier ABlaze is a powerful option for a tank, because he can support a lot and is surprisingly mobile.  
ChenBruiserTier AChen is both difficult to destroy and able to dominate opponents with low mobility.  
DehakaBruiserTier A  Dehaka boasts excellent clear waves and very strong on-demand self-healing.
E.T.CTankTier AIn HotS E.T.C, one of the most powerful tanks for any team.  
GarroshTankTier AGarrosh is the perfect one-hero front for crowd control and lonely enemies removal.  
Gul’danRanged AssassinTier AWhile the relationship between mana and health is a little familiar, its effects of damage and its powerful support make it a top hero.  
HanzoRanged AssassinTier AHanzo comes with a long range of very powerful products and is one of the best ways to do early poke harm.  
ImperiusBruiserTier A  In circumstances that make him ideal to lead the charge, Imperius is extremely powerful.  
JohannaTankTier AThanks to her simple and unbelievable endurance, Johanna has been for many a favourite tank.  
LunaraRanged AssassinTier ALunara’s highly endured poison can be of invaluable benefit.  
RaynorRanged AssassinTier ARaynor is one of HotS’s most long-lasting murderers and has good simple assaults.
FenixRanged AssassinTier AThe capacity of some of the strongest and best self-sustaining Fenix to deal with poke damage exchange is a reliable solution.  
LeoricBruiserTier ALeoric specialises in the elimination of tanky teams and high-health heroes.  
MalfurionHealerTier AThe healing abilities of Malfurion are strong, but he has a dark side that can lock his enemies down.  
MuradinTankTier AMuradin is one of the most full and versatile HotS tanks.  
TychusRanged AssassinTier ATychus can kite efficiently and make him a Ranged Assassin of the highest order.


Best Characters of  Heroes of the Strom

The heroes class B Tier in HotS is packed with fans, many of whom have proven to be very successful when used properly. While A Tier is not quite, in this collection of heroes there is still consistency.

AbathurSupportTier BThe Evolution Master is above its peers, in the right atmosphere, Abathur’s unique playing style.  
AlarakMelee AssassinTier BAlarak is a top-notch melee murderer and best used during team roaming.  
AlexstraszaHealerTier B  Alexstrasza is a decent option for a healer with continuous healing capabilities and tight point power.  
Anub’arakTankTier B  The skills of Anub’arak enable him to disrupt and manipulate the crowd.  
ArthasTankTier BArthas does even more harm than most other tanks and is self-sustaining even decently.  
AurielHealerTier BAuriel needs a partner to power her up, but Auriel can be an outstanding healer if this happens.  
CassiaRanged AssassinTier BCassia can make any kind of niche option, and it can withstand fundamental attacks as it moves.
DeckardHealerTier BIn debugging zoning and naturally in healing Deckard’s strengths.  
DiabloTankTier BDiablo’s trick is to go where his mixture ability will cause the greatest catastrophe.
FalstadRanged AssassinTier BIf you want to be flexible in any situation and fly around to monitor the chart, Falstad can handle damaged burst.
GenjiRanged AssassinTier BGenji is heavily damaged and very mobile in the initiation process.  
GreymaneRanged AssassinTier BGreymane is a strong complete man with a capacity to deal with respectable poke damage and insane burst damage.  
JainaRanged AssassinTier BJaina is a perfect choice if you want to chuckle around a few slowing effects.
JunkratRanged AssassinTier BDenial of the area and handling of poke damage is Junkrat’s name – few can fight him for that.
KerriganMelee AssassinTier BKerrigan is an all-in assassin in a very one-dimensional way, but can be incredibly effective when used.  
Li LiHealerTier BLi Li can do a lot of harm and become highly mobile for a healer.  
Li-MingRanged AssassinTier BLi-Ming is one of the highest in HotS, but can also settle with the best.  
LúcioHealerTier BAlthough the main feature of Lúcio is continuous healing, his gift of movement speed is a real treat.  
MaievMelee AssassinTier BMaiev is an excellent option, especially in conjunction with allies with a strong area of effect damage.  
Mal’ganisTankTier B  Mal’ganis enjoys high survival prosperity and is a self-supporting tank.
MalthaelBruiserTier BA self-supporting Malthael bruiser is in his element in the face of healthy enemies.
MephistoRanged AssassinTier BIt is a perfect choice if you want to be the one who pressures on the opponent Mephisto.  
OrpheaRanged AssassinTier BOrphea is in the highest class and has decent sustainability for duelling damages.  
QhiraMelee AssassinTier B  An unbelievably mobile melee murderer Qhira is a strong tool.  
RagnarosBruiserTier B  The firelord’s defence, even, is very strong if Ragnaros bursts with damage and the ability to wave-clear were not enough.
RehgarHealerTier BRehgar is uniquely powerful in attack and very mobile though not the strongest in terms of healing power.  
RexxarBruiserTier B  Rexxar is an all-powerful soloist and especially strong on Braxis Holdout and Volskaya.  
StitchesTankTier BHooks are the name of the abominable Stitches game. It is also extremely healthy. It is very good.
StukovHealerTier BTedious to play but welcome to every team Stukov is a decent healer who is able to cope with a large number of disruptions.  
SonyaBruiserTier BSonja is concerned with dealing damages due to her help with solo-laner gameplay.
SylvanasRanged AssassinTier BUnbelievable versatility and long lasting harm make Sylvanas a good pick for the backline of a squad.
ThrallBruiserTierbThe only drawback of Thrall is that the hero is very rapidly attacked by the enemies, and great in crowd control.
UtherHealerTier BThe burst healing of Uther is superb and he is among a small class of heroes who are able to hold an enemy for more than two seconds. With the additional advantages of disturbance and pain, Whitemane is a highly versatile healer.
Whitman’sHealerTier BWith the additional advantages of disturbance and pain, Whitemane is a highly versatile healer.    
YrelBruiserTier BYrel is a flexible character in HotS which can be played as either a tank or a bruiser.
ZaryaSupportTier BWhilst Zarya depends very heavily on her resources, she requires a lot of mana defence from burst damage and many enemies will suffer from her fundamental attacks.
ZeratulMelee AssassinTier BZeratul is a sly, mobile, stealthy character when out of battle and capable of causing great bursting damage.  
Zul’jinRanged AssassinTier BZul’jin is a high level curve hero, but the Amani Warlord is versatile and can fit into various teams.


Best Heroes of Hots

The heroes of the C Tier of HotS are usually upper-average characters.

ArtanisBruiserTier CArtanis’ strengths are powerful and extremely difficult to destroy when their health drops below 75%.    
AzmodanRanged AssassinTier C  In wave clearing and sieging Azmodan is among the elite-level heroes.
BrightwingHealerTier CThe global travel of Brightwing remains very beneficial, not the most effective healer.
ChromieRanged AssassinTier CChromie is very rich in a wide range and deals a great deal of burst harm.  
D.VaBruiserTier CD.Va will not only cause a lot of disturbances, but is also very difficult to destroy.
IllidanMelee AssassinTier CPlayers hate to have a skilled Illidan on their back because the mobile Betrayer is a superb duellist and can’t escape.
KharazimHealerTier CKharazim has the flexibility to heal co-workers by fighting melee and can speed up his own motion. it sound late.  
Kel’thuzadRanged AssassinTier CIf he can pin a foe down, Kel’thuzad’s damages and powerful combos will wipe them away.
Lt. MoralesHealerTier CLt. Morales is one dimension, and her focussed healings are extremely strong when she is not mobile.
MedivhSupportTier CMedivh is very flexible and offers an enormous amount of utilities, but needs a lot of experience.
NazeeboRanged AssassinTier CNazeebo deals with some superb poke damage and huge sustained damage which makes
NovaRanged AssassinTier CDuring a tough fight, while not in the fight, major damages and a wide variety of capabilities, Nova is a niche hero.
SamuroMelee AssassinTier CThe strength of Samuro is that he can make copies of himself and is hard to destroy.  
Sgt. HammerRanged AssassinTier CAlthough it has good poke wave clear and huge damage to siege On being secured, Sgt. Hammer relies.
CassandraRanged AssassinTier CRecently reworked from a helper, Tassadar has new abilities and a talent-tree that has been transformed.  
The Lost Vikings (TLV)SupportTier CComprised of Erik Baleog and Olaf TLV, the pressure on multiple tracks is very good.
TracerRanged AssassinTier CTracer users use their versatility to pick up dealers in particular so they can carry out fundamental attacks when on the go.
TyraelTankTier CDecent to safe areas with security Tyrael’s best used in boss combat..
TyrandeHealerTier CTyrande is a sought after healer, but it can be challenging to master the hero
ValeeraMelee AssassinTier CValeera is recognised as an anti-murderer and while her teammates are able to attack goals in the backline, if necessary, to complete the work.  
VallaRanged AssassinTier CValla remains a common HotS option, since her versatility is strong in all stages and her impact is very high.  
VarianBruiserTier CVarian has loads of fundamental attack damage and plays as a bruiser or tank very flexibly – making it a common option in HotS.  
ZagaraRanged AssassinTier CMaybe the best asset of Zagara is Creep Tumour that provides a lot of vision across the whole map.


tier list heroes of the storm

In this Tier all the heroes are average characters which means you need to practice with these characters to play with them. Each of of these heroes has some advantages, they are mostly seen as demanding much effort and almost perfect playing to make them useful.

Cho’gallTank/Ranged AssassinTier DCho’Gall is the tank which controls movement and Gall the murderer/turret.
GazloweMelee AssassinTier DTwo players control Cho’gall.  
MurkyMelee AssassinTier DGazlowe needs a lot of configuration but has an amazing potential for zoning. Thanks to his late-game appearance, Murky has some supporters, but the Baby Murloc is ridiculously delicate.  
ProbiusRanged AssassinTier DProbius is vulnerable and time-consuming but causes serious burst damage.  
The ButcherMelee AssassinTier DThe butcher is bad from the go, and players who know his flaws can easily ignore it. The best way to play Storm Heroes is, of course, to gain loads of experience as heroes, which fits the style of your favourite game.


tier list hots

This tier heroes are middle-average and you need to practice with them a long to play with them properly.

NazeeboRanged AssassinIf you ever had one, a late-game hero. The weakness of Nazeebo is that he is very slow in fighting.    
NovaRanged AssassinNova is easy to use, but she has a Snipe ability that sometimes leaves her out of the place in struggles.
SamuroMelee AssassinSamuro is useful when you face beginners because they would possibly be confused with his clones. This will however be very simple for more seasoned players.
T.L.V.SupportOnly professional actors will make the Lost Vikings efficient because they need a lot of micro-management. The positive is that they have enormous capacity for push and zone.
TyraelTankTyrael’s fighting utility was very small but it is used for his shields.
TyrandeHealerIf it wasn’t her abysmal versatility and high ability cap, Tyrande should be higher in that roster. But in the right hands her healing is helpful.
VallaRanged Assassin  If left alone, Valla can cause severe damage to adversaries. However she’s in a squad that can protect her in team fighting, because of her poor health.  
VarianBruiserVarian’s simple play style is easy to understand and use, but also easy to deal with for opponents.  
ZagaraRanged AssassinZagara is helpful for the team to drive and vision. Sadly, in team fights she doesn’t shine too much.  
KharazimHealerKhazarim is a polyvalent hero who can cure co-workers and hurt them in battle. He’s not standing out on any other side of the game because of this.
ValeeraMelee AssassinValeera is helpful in concentrating on the enemy team’s greatest threat. She’s not doing good by herself, so she’s getting better into a wandering murder team.


Best of Hots Heroes

The F Tier heroes are below average, and all these heroes are weak and you should avoid playing with them. If you don’t have experience playing the Heroes of the Storm.

TheButcherMeleeAssassinThe Butcher would have a difficult time making an effect later when managed early in the game.      
Cho’gallRangedAssassin With a large designThe opposing team almost always decimates Cho’gall before it makes its mark on the team war.
GazloweMeleeAssassinIt is nice to drive the lanes and zoning adversaries into its path, but it is not of great benefit in confrontations.
MurkyMeleeAssassinMurky is so squishy that playing him early in the middle of the game is frustrating. It is worth late, but ensure that by then you can cultivate and consolidate it.
ProbiusRangedAssassinBefore the killing, Probius takes a lot of configuration. It’s no use having a poor health pool.

Heros Roles in the Heroes of the Strom

Each hero is therefore graded according to these factors. Of the six listed here, each hero in HOTS is assigned a role:


Heroes who guard their squad against incoming attacks. In clashes/team battles, they usually take longer than others.


The Bruiser does not like tanks for protection. In exchange, they have a strong risk that makes them a hybrid mix between offence and defence.


Heroes that provide other allies with buffs and utility skills. By contrast, the progress of opponents can also be hampered by de-buffs and other changes in rank.


The heroes concentrate on healing allies and reducing the party’s harm.

Melee Assassin

The Pure attackers cause significant damage in close proximity to opponents.

Assassin Ranged

Similar to Melee Assassin but a long-range attack. They are also more squishy (easier to kill) than their counterparts for melee.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the commonly asked questions regarding the Hots tier list with the complete explanation.

Who is the best hero in Heroes of the Storm?

These are some of the best heroes in the Heroes of the storm Blaze, Sonya, Greymane, Nazeebo, Jaina, Thrall, Maiev and Zeratul.

Who is the best healer in HOTS?

These are the best healer in the Heroes of the Storm – Malf, Lucio, Anduin, Whitemane, Deckard. All these heroes are strong enough to support the team in combat.

Hopefully, this guide is helpful, to know all the strongest and weakest heroes in the Heroes of the Strom in the current meta. For more similar articles check our Heroes of the Storm guides for more useful information.

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