_ Tov NYT Crossword Answer Clue

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If you adore crossword puzzles but don’t have enough time in your daily busy routine. Solving crossword puzzles has lots of benefits its improved your English Vocabulary and gives you a positive attitude to fight challenges.

The first crossword puzzle was introduced by the New York Times one of the most popular newspapers since World War I. Most people do not know that the crossword was introduced during the war because plays an important role in distracting from disturbing news of war zone.

_ Tov NYT Crossword Answer Clue

Below we mentioned the clue of the “_ Tov” crossword puzzle that was featured in the New York Times Crossword section on November 15, 2022.

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Answer: MAZEL (5 letters)

More importantly, make sure to cross-check the length of the clue with the crossword puzzle because most of the time lots of crossword clue has lots of answers.

February 7, 2023, Other Word Games

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