Treasures Of River Exe Quest Guide: AC Valhalla

Treasures Of River Exe Quest: The While you will be successful in completing the tutorial mission, A River to Raid, in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you will be able to uncover a lot of side quests that will give you the task of hunting down particular gear pieces. The locations of the gear pieces of various rivers.

You will be able to find them by searching in some particular locations. Treasures of River Exe is supposed to be the first of these side quests. If you want to fulfill your mission you should follow our treasures of River Exe guide.

The Definition Of The River Raid Key In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

While you will try to raid different locations in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla you have to pick up river raid keys. You are allowed to use them to uncover some particular chests along the rivers that are closed up. You will be able to find these chests in different locations.

You will see that the locations of these chests are modified with each raid. That is why you can plan for them. You can pick up the River Raid Keys and make use of them whenever you need them.

The function of the key is quite similar to those that you will be able to find in the main game world. Then frequently open a chest or a door in that location where you are. Before finding the chests they open you will be able to find a lot of River Raid Keys.

Treasures of River Exe

Where Can You Find The River Exe Map Clue In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

You will be able to find the River Exe map clue at Escanceaster Monastery. The location of this place is on the East side of the river which is nearby to the center of the map of that zone. Ton Monastery is supposed to be the safest location for high-level foes.

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That is why a weak player tries to hide in this place if they find it difficult to fight their way through. And from there one can choose the next location which will give access to the quests for earning pieces of the armor of legends.

However, for attacking the River Raiding places, there are mainly two of them, one is the Treasures of River Exe and the other is River Severn.

Tracking The Right Location Is Pivotal

What will engage you as a player in this journey is that the location of the armor is not a steady one. The armor’s location shifts randomly among the army camps.

However, as the notification points out that the armor will not be in any small outposts, so there remain only three places of big military outposts where the armors can be.

Fortress on the Exe, Western Fortification, and Eastern Fortification, while both the Fortress on the Exe and the Western Fortification resides on the north-west side of the given map, the other location, Eastern Fortification can be found on the east and is easy to go first.

Remember These For Easy Access To The Saint George’s Armors

The Treasures of River Exe is all about getting a hold of the legendary armor pieces of Saint George and there are two of them. But before you set out on the journey for the quest, you need certain things to remember, such as –

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1. The notification of where the armor may remain (it is told that the armor pieces will be stored in huge army camps, so the players here can just ignore the small ones and monasteries too).

2. Prepare yourself for embracing tough attacks from the enemy as how the players play during the tutorial will not be enough for winning the armor. Further, the players will not be able to raid the places repeatedly as per their wish. All the places that were raided during the tutorial period will not be available for a certain period of time.

3. The military can make barricades and move them according to their needs. So the players will experience certain things too and have to remain alert. After the first quest in the Treasures of River Exe, the players will get a glimpse of makeshift barricades across the river. They need to think of ways to keep their group safe and move on the journey.

The River Exe quest is full of excitement as here players get to earn most of the armors; all the big army outposts are full of these armors and although the players go through high-level attacks in the name of resistance from the enemy, still the triumph brings lots of pieces of armors as rewards which any small outpost do not stores.

There are two locations in the Treasures of River Exe quest where the players can find such big hand armors, first one is Saint George’s Sheild and the second one is Saint George’s Cape.

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Saint George’s Sheild

The Saint George’s Shield is one of the first locations that can be checked out for finding the pieces of legendary armors. Although as said before, the exact location of the armor cannot be told beforehand because the location moves randomly.

However, in most of the scenarios, the Western Forifocation is the place inside which the armor can be found. The players have to go there and unbolt the chest to get hold of the armor pieces. The best way to find the location is to use the vision of Odin that each player gets.

Saint George’s Cape

Situated on the other side of the river, the Saint George’s Cape holds the other location’s tag. Raiding the large army camps at the Eastern Fortification, the players can find legendary armor.

And the biggest chest will hold this. However, given the fact that the armor’s location is not a fixed one, there is a high chance that the players might find it in other locations too.

The Treasures of River Exe quest is popular among the players because of its unique way of designing the journey and attacks of the enemies. With lots of hidden surprises and amusements, the game is undoubtedly a must-play.

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