Warzone 2 Combat Record: Stats, K/D ratio & more

If you are a player of Warzone 2 then you always suggested keeping track of your stats after the Season 2 update so now we are going to discuss the topic, of how to check your Warzone 2 Combat Record, including your K/D ratio and playtime.

Warzone 2 in their season 2 started a new battle of royale after introducing a new Resurgence map which is Ashika Island and executing also many more gameplay modifications like the return to a 1v1 Gulag.

It also introduced new exciting features like a stat tracker to the battle royale and Infinity Ward added to the Combat Record for the multiplayer in Modern Warfare 2 Season 1, and Warzone 2 also obtained the same restorative in the Season 2 update.

Here is the detailed information to check your Combat Record stats in Warzone 2 and see your current K/D ratio.

check kill record mw2
image via Activision

How will you check your Combat Record in Warzone 2

If you are a player then you are able to check your Combat Record by heading into the Stats tab from the Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 main menu.

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And after that from here the newly introduced ‘Battle Royale’ will give you a complete overview of your Warzone 2 stats, with your K/D ratio, playtime, and best finish. Then you have to hit the menu to check the in-depth breakdown of their performance with individual weapons.

How To Process To Check Your Warzone 2 Stats

First open Warzone 2 and access the main menu of the game. After entering into the game you have to press the Options button on PlayStation, the Menu button on Xbox, or the applicable key on the mouse and keyboard.

Then you need to choose the Stats tab from this menu then for a brief overview, you have to scroll over to Battle Royale and hit the menu option for more detailed information at your Warzone 2 stats.

And most of the players will be very happy after seeing the Combat Record added to Warzone 2 finally and you should always keep in your mind that it does not include data from before Season 2. But it is declared that the records from November 16 until February 15 are not going to be counted.

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This is going to be an important point to that type of player who has achieved a ton of wins in Warzone 2 already, and those who boast remarkable and impressive KDs too.

We should also remember that the players have to play a total of five games in Warzone 2 Season 2 or later before their Combat Record is unlocked.

This is going to assure that you have sufficient games under your belt for the stats and this going to be a fair representation of how you are going to play games.