Warzone 2 DMZ: Where To Use Control Tower Key

Getting keys into the Warzone 2 DMZ can give some valuable loot to the player. While playing the matches in DMZ chances of getting the key is normal. There are a lot of keys that were disturbed within the DMZ map and each key has its own lock that opens at a certain location. This means if you have gotten a certain key and you need to find the location where you can use it to get the loot.

One of the keys is the Control Tower key that obtain available in AI Mazrah if you obtain this key and wanted to know where you can use it. Here we cover, where to use Control Tower Key in DMZ that might come in handy for you.

Where To Use Control Tower Key in Warzone 2 DMZ

You already get where you need to use this key, Yes on the Control Tower that was located in the Al Mazrah near the airport. You need to head to the AI Mazrah Airport POI that was located at the southeast location of the map as shown below map screenshot.

dmz control tower key

Once you reach the location simply look for the back door of the Control Tower the door was located near the plan tree between the 2 garages. You will find the door between those garages use the Control Tower Key to unlock that door and collect your loot.

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This is all for where to use Control Tower Key for more similar content do check our Warzone 2 DMZ guide section.