Warzone 2.0 DMZ: Where To Find Golden Skulls in Season 3

The Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 Season 3 is one roll and players are excited about new weapons, challenges and more. There is one rare item that DMZ players get confused with Golden Skulls its one of the rare items in Warzone 2 that cannot be crafted. There are specific locations in the DMZ map where you can find it. Here we cover all information that helps you to know where you can find the Golden Skulls without having much hassle.

Where To Find Golden Skulls in Warzone 2 DMZ

There are a few locations in the Warzone 2 DMZ map such as Al Mazrah where players can get the Golden Skulls. However, it was not certain that 100 percent get the skulls in these locations but according to the DMZ community players, the chance of getting the Golden Skulls in these locations is higher.

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Police Stations

golden skulls location dmz
golden skulls dmz

The Police Stations in Warzone 2 is one of the popular locations where players can find rare items. In Al Mazrah there are 3 Police Stations and getting Golden Skulls in these locations is higher. However, make sure to keep your guard up because unlike you most of the players land in the area to get valuable loot the same as you.

Sawah Hotel

dmz golden skull locations
golden skulls dmz

The chances of getting Golden Skulls in Sawah Hotel are higher compared to the Police Stations. For that, you need to go to the top of the Sawah Hotel at Room No. 302 & 303 with the Skeleton Key that you need to craft.

Use the key to enter the rooms and hopefully, you will get the valuable loot along with Golden Skulls. You can also repeat the process until you get the Golden Skulls in the following location.


dmz golden skull
golden skulls dmz

Getting Golden Skulls from the safes totally depends on your luck. Most of the time players find the skulls in warehouses and houses within the Ashika Island and Al Mazrah locations. If you playing Warzone 2 for a long time then you already know the spawning locations of the safe are random that is why getting is hard in the game.

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Once you get the safe simply open it by drilling into the side and hopefully, you get skulls in there if don’t then you will get rare items well your struggle to find the safe will be worth it.

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