Escape from Tarkov: How To Deal With Reshala

The Reshala also known as the Dealmaker is Scav one of the bosses that encounter Escape from Tarkov. He mainly spawns in the Customs map with 4 of his guards. In The Huntsman Path – Justice, Trophy and Relentless missions given by the Jaeger that requires you need to kill Reshala.

He will spawn at multiple locations in the Customs map the spawn rate is 38 percent however killing him is not an easy task. Because he is always surrounded by his guards. Here we cover how you can deal with Reshala in Escape from Tarkov without having much hassle in the game.

Reshala Spawn Locations in Customs Map

Mainly, Reshala spawns in the three-storey dormitory on the customs map with his guards. The below Customs map shows the locations where you can encounter the Reshala.

Reshala Spawn Locations Tarkov
Reshala Spawn Locations

He will spawn in a new gas station near the truck, next to the construction site and between the checkpoint and sub-station

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How To Kill Reshala in Escape from Tarkov

Reshala always shows up with guards that surround him however killing Reshala is similar to other Scav bosses in Escape from Tarkov. The guards at certain times spawn with powerful class armour and weapons like Altyn helmets and class 5 or 6 armour.

Once you encounter the Reshala he will stand behind his four guards. Firstly you need to take down all his guards. More importantly, once you attack the Reshala his 2 guards find cover for the Reshala and other guards will fight with you.

Remember to use high-level armour and weapons such as caliber bullets 7.62x39mm BP gzh ammo that can easily penetrate Altyn helmets in one or two shots.

If you encounter Reshala in Dooms make sure to move into the building undetected and take them down one by one simply clearing each doom room.


If you encounter Reshala in an open area such as a new gas station or other in EFT remember he is always surrounded by his guards. So first take down all his guard one by one and then kill Reshala. But if you encounter him in the Doom building make sure to kill guards in each room of Doom one by one. This will help you to clear the doom building easily and kill Reshala in Escape from Tarkov.

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