Wayfinder How to Unlock Kyros

Looking for a guide on Wayfinder How to Unlock Kyros? Well the Wayfinder is a massively multiplayer action role-playing game that is available for free. I’d like to emphasize the “free-to-play” aspect of the title because it controls how you may obtain gear, cosmetics, and, most importantly, characters. Microtransactions and other methods of having you invest money in the “free” game are part of the F2P gaming paradigm. 

Kyros is a lethal warmage as well as a clever researcher. But he’s been trapped in space for generations, and there’s a lot he’s forgotten or never knew. What happened to his people? How did his wonderful homeland become the Kingdom of Ashes… and did he have a role in it? The solutions must be somewhere out there, just waiting to be discovered. Without further ado, here’s how to unlock Kyros.

How to Unlock Kyros in Wayfinder

Kyros in Wayfinder
Image Credit: Airship Syndicate

To get Kyros for free in Wayfinder, you must acquire Wayfinder Tokens and utilize them in the game’s shop. To obtain these tokens, you must complete tasks, fight opponents, and unlock chests. You may buy Kyros from the in-game store after you have enough Wayfinder Tokens. It should be emphasized, however, that this strategy necessitates a great amount of grinding and time commitment.

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Alternatively, if you need Kyros right now, you can purchase him from the in-game store with real money. This strategy, while easy, may be rather costly, especially during the game’s early access stage.

Let’s get started with unlocking Heroic Kyros in Wayfinder. Heroic Kyros may be obtained by purchasing the Exalted Founder’s Pack for $149.99. This premium bundle provides not only access to Heroic Kyros, but also an Ascendant Style Set, Epitaph weapon, emote, and mastery of his mystical power, which improves echo capacity and stats. Some may see this as a pay-to-win aspect of the game.

Please bear in mind that Wayfinder is currently in early access, so things may change as the game develops. These are the only known methods for unlocking both the normal and heroic versions of Kyros in Wayfinder.

So that’s how to unlock Kyros in Wayfinder as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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