What are the Pyramid Ships in Destiny 2?

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What are pyramid ships in Destiny 2?

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What are the Pyramid Ships in Destiny 2

Basically, it is a Black Fleet, which is a large group of huge, pyramid-shaped ships that always follow the power of darkness.

They are headed by their kind of being known as the Witness and its followers are called the Disciples.

The Black Fleet is the opposite of that of Traveler and has caused the complete destruction of many ancient civilizations that were influenced by the Traveler in the ancient era.

The two very recent destructions by the black fleet is the Whirlwind of Riis and the Collapse of Earth.

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Now, that we know what are pyramid ships.

Let us discuss how many of them are present in the game.

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How many pyramid ships are there in Destiny 2?

Originally, there was one big Pyramid ship amongst seventeen other smaller ones, making a total of eighteen ships.

But as the fleet traveled through the Kuiper belt, the number of ships grew to thirty-two and now there are a lot more in number.

Now let us some more amazing facts related to pyramid ships.

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What is the reason for the presence of a pyramid ship within Savathun’s throne world?

The Sunken Pyramid is one of the biggest pyramid ships that belonged to the Black Fleet and used to be commanded by its head Rhulk, who was also the follower of the Witness.

Rhulk had moved the pyramid ship to Savathun’s special world because he wanted to fulfill the Witness desire.

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Rhulk also wanted to keep an eye on the Witch Queen and help her by giving her lots of Worm larvae as she wished for it.

Now, let us check on some new additions to the pyramid ships in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 has introduced Fresh Pyramid Ships into the game

Because of the latest update available for Destiny 2 (version 2.9.1), there has been addition of three new Pyramid ships named as Titan, Mercury, and Mars.

It is said that certain locations will be removed in the future from the game by Bungie to make way for newly launched pyramid ships in the game.

It also looks like the Darkness has sent new Pyramid Ships to Titan, Mercury, and Mars to get ready for their arrival in the Beyond Light expansion this September.

The Pyramids had caused destruction on various planets before, so it’s not unexpected to see them coming to the four planets that Bungie intends to remove later this year.

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Right now, there’s one place called Leviathan that will be removed soon and it will doesn’t have any Darkness forces.

However, there is a possibility that the Darkness will try to take over that area too eventually.

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