How To Get The Fight Night Blueprint in MW2?

The Fight Night is a weapon Blueprint available in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone 2. 

It is a blueprint variant of the base weapon, which is one of the assault rifles in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone 2.

Do you want to know how to get this Blueprint? Then keep reading, and you will understand how to unlock this blueprint variant.

How to get the Fight Night Blueprint?

MW2 Fight Night Blueprint
Image via Gameinstants

The fight Night is a Blueprint Variant of the TAQ-56. It helps in suppression, damage range, and magazine ammo capacity. This TAQ-56 build features the following attachments:

  • The Echoless-80 muzzle
  • The 17.5 Tundra barrel 
  • The FTAC Grimline Laser 
  • The Demo IMP-44 Grip underbarrel 
  • The 40-round Mag 

To get the fight night blueprint, you must first extract the Ashika Island Weapon Case in DMZ, which the Bombmaker Commander carries. Before that, you have to do some preparations, which are:

  • Squad Up With Players You Can Communicate With
  • Bring good gear
  • Bring your best weapon 
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Once you have done all the preparation before going to the Ashika Island Weapon, let’s get into how you can get this weapon case. The weapon case is found at the Tsuki Castle on Ashika Island. Follow the following steps to get the case. 

The arms of AI heavily guard the Ashika Island weapon case, and the entrance to Tsuki Castle is locked and can only be opened after you take down and hack the wheelson.

The Wheelson is a heavily armored automated drone, and the patrol route to get it is predictable. Taking the wheelson down will require several magazines filled with ammo and a couple of explosives along it.

After successfully taking down the wheelson, go towards it and interact with it to hack the castle’s security system and open the entrance to Tsuki Castle. 

Once you hack the system before entry, remember that the Tsuki Castle is filled with AI guarding it. The Boombmaker is typically in the room at the top of the castle. He is easy to defeat.

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Once you defeat the bombmaker, he will drop the weapon case BUT don’t just grab it yet; ensure you have turned off the alarm. And then, you are free to pick the Weapon Case. 

Now head to the nearest exfil and extract out of the A.O. to secure your rewards which is the fight night blueprint in this case.