What Does Unstable Essence Do in Destiny 2?

The Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is now live, the Guardians are getting the chance to explore the haunted Moon. There, you might find something called Unstable Essence. It is challenging to figure out what it is at first glance. 

There are several types of Unstable Essence, and I will tell you what an Unstable Essence is and what you can use it for, So keep reading, and you’ll know everything about Unstable Essence in Destiny 2.

What is an Unstable Essence?

Unstable Essence Destiny 2
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In Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, Unstable Essence is a new buff that you get as a reward after successfully defeating a Nightmare enemy type. If you defeat a Nightmare enemy who has a chance to drop red orbs and you grab the red orb during the combat, you get the chance to work a 15-second buff, which is called Unstable Essence, into your battle strategy.

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With the Unstable buff in place, you will be able to get more damage from the Nightmare enemy type.

After you get the red orb and use the Unstable Essence buff in place, you can cause extra damage to the Nightmare enemy types.

This method comes in handy during larger-scale fights, and you’re facing a lot of Nightmare enemies and having a hard time defeating them.

You can target lesser Nightmare enemies first, pick up the red orbs as they drop, and then get an Unstable Essence buff.

How much of a buff is Unstable Essence?

  1. When you get the red orbs during combat, you only have a 15-second buff called the Unstable Essence.
  2. Unstable Essence’s stacks in duration, not in potency 
  3. Unstable Essence provides a damage buff that ranges from 1.8% to an 80% increase.
  4. It is unstable, so a huge boost to the damage isn’t guaranteed.
Damage bonus against Nightmare enemies80%
Duration15 seconds
Obtained fromDefeating Lesser Nightmare enemies
Despawn time10 seconds

That is all you have to know about the Unstable Essence Buff, so go now and get this buff to make your Destiny 2 skills better. 

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