Elden Ring Red Hood Girl: How To Help Roderika

Elden Ring Red Hood Girl: The quest for Roderika in Elden Ring is a good example of how to interact with an NPC. In Elden Ring, you can help Roderika by talking to her several times and listening to her story, and completing a few quests and then we can upgrade the ashes.

When storming the ruins of a haunted mansion for an adventure, players will likely be unable to proceed due to an unusual obstacle.

It is good to know that you can help Roderika at Stormhill Shack and upgrade ashes in Elden Ring. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

You will need to talk several times and ask her about her past and the memento she’s holding to gather more information about what happened. In this article, we’ll guide you on how you will help Roderika and upgrade ashes in Elden Ring. Thus, let’s get started. 

Who is Roderika in Elden Ring?

Roderika is an NPCs in Elden Ring. She is a spirit-tuner who guides players on the trail to Stormveil. Roderika will be there to help players get back on track when they take a wrong turn or need more assistance with the quest.

She often comes across as a helpful and supportive spirit, praising you whenever you do something well and healing you when you are hurt.

Roderika can be seen as a fairy-like spirit that is constantly traveling in a trail of golden dust. She is known for healing the wounded and helping those in need with advice or tips to live better lives.

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Roderika is an NPC, players must speak with to level up their Spirit Ashes from Elden Ring. Roderika is NPCs you can encounter her in the Elden Ring who boosts the Summoned Spirit Ash. Roderika has been trying to find its way out of the ruins of the old world.

As for how Roderika is related to the events in Elden Ring; it’s still unclear. We do know that she has been supporting players with her abilities throughout their adventures and journeys. To unlock spirit tuning, a power-up system to spirit ashes, players will have to perform specific side quests on an NPC spirit-tuner, Roderika.

elden ring red hood girl

Where to Find Roderika & how to help her in Elden Ring?

You must have to find Roderika in Limgrave, to start the quest for unlocking your abilities to upgrade the ashes. When you first encounter Roderika, converse with Roderika to discover her condition and obtain the Sitting Sideways gesture.

Make sure you talk to her at Stormhill Shack early in Limgrave, until you have exhausted her dialogue (and she gives you Spirit Jellyfish Ashes).

When players arrive at Stormhill Shack, they will be able to start the process themselves. There is a site of Grace, so you can look on the right-hand side of the road having yellow embers. You have to talk to her, and the last, you have to find her an item, which is Chrysalid’s Note, and you can find it in Stormveil Castle.

Find the Chrysalid’s Note

The Chrysalid’s Note tells you where to get inside Stormhill Shack after defeating Margit. After defeating Margit, the Fell Omen, the player must find the Site of Grace, named Rampart Tower.

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To do this, go outside, along the castle walls, but remember to avoid the birds who throw the gunpowder at you. After that, you have to climb between the rooftops, which you’ll encounter later and players must descend a long ladder. 

After completing this, you’ll be on a balcony on which limbs are hanging across them. Head to your right, and you’ll be outside, then look for the Chrysalid’s Note. You’ll find the Note there.

You have to pick it up and then you can be able to fast travel the location (Site of Grace) where you last met Roderika and then talk with her. Equip her with the object and it will persuade her to proceed to the Roundtable Hold.

Goto Roundtable Hold and Chat with NPCs

If Roderika has moved on again, she will be found in front of a fireplace at the Roundtable Hold once more. Eventually, when you speak with Roderika, she will give you the golden seed, as a reward.

After a while, you will have to talk with the Blacksmith named, Smithing Master Hewg, who is present just down the corridor and on to your left. He will also have some dialogue options to select and have a conversation.

After completing the conversation with him, return to Roderika and once again after the conversation and select the dialogue option, return to the Blacksmith and talk to him. Now, choose the new dialogue option that opens up.

Upgrade Ashes of Roderika

After a while, you will finally find Roderika has opened a shop opposite the Master of Smithing, Hewg, in Roundtable Hold, and Roderika will learn to power up your Spirit Ash.

Eventually, Roderika will move into a side wing opposite Smithing Master Hewing and offers the ability to upgrade your spirit in exchange for Runes and Glove wort.

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After Hewgs promises, quickly leave the zone (any Site of Grace should work) and return right back to force Roderika to move. You’ll be able to exalt the ashes here. 

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Elden Ring red hood girl with complete information.

Who or what is the girl with the red hood?

Roderika is a non-player character in Elden Ring. Roderika is a ghost that can be found on the Stormveil trail at Stormhill Shack. If your help her complete her mission, she will inevitably move to the Roundtable Hold.

What is the role of Roderika in Elden Ring?

Roderika is a Spirit Tuner for Utterly ruined who gives a short main quest that rewards players with either the Crimson Hood, Spirit Jellyfish Bones, or 2 Gestures in Elden Ring. This young woman is first encountered by adventurers within Stormhill Shack, on the path to Stormveil Castle.

Where did Rodrika vanish in Elden Ring?

However, gamers may not be able to locate Roderika in their usual location. Roderika will indeed be located in front of the hearth just at Roundtable Holding if she has relocated anew.

After the Round Table, whither does Roderika go?

Roderika will indeed be standing beside the fireplace in the entry chamber the next time you enter Roundtable Hold. If you speak to her, you’ll get rewarded with a Golden Seed.

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