What is Flash Mission in Warhammer 40K: Darktide

The Warhammer 40K: Darktide has different types of penances that allow players to play the game in certain ways in a variety of missions. If you come across one of the penances called Flash Mission in Darktide and wanted to more about it don’t worry. Here, we cover what is Flash Mission in Darktide and how you can complete them.

What is Flash Mission in Darktide?

The Flash Mission is an unknown penance that the player will find while completing other penances in the Darktide. However, the penances that have flash missions cannot be completed the reason for this is currently not explained by the FatShark.

flash mission darktide
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Players will encounter the Flash Mission under the Mission tab in different penance categories in the game. Its 2 penances the first is called Stand By For Action and the second is Rapid Response until Fatshark roll out an update related to it these penance will be for the show in the game.

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The first penance is Stand By For Action in this you need to complete one flash mission this fish this mission. The second penance is Rapid Response in which you can complete any flash mission but make sure it has Damnation difficulty.

However, these flash missions are not doable it was not explained by FatShark until now. Lots of players are getting confused related to these Flash Missions in darktide. It may be a bug in the game or in future the darktide will get updated with Flash Missions with Penance.

There are also class-related penances and mission-related penances in the Darktide that you might encounter while levelling up. You can complete these penances to obtain the various rewards for now.

This is all for the darktide flash mission guide for more related content you can check our Warhammer 40K: Darktide guides section.