Warhammer 40K: Darktide: Best Class Explained

Warhammer 40K: Darktide is one of the popular games of FatShark game studio because the game is some of the best PvE in game machines, weapons, cosmetics and more. But the most important thing is the Darktide is classes.

There are 4 character classes available in Warhammer 40000k: Darktide which are Psyker, Veteran – Sharpshooter, Ogryn, and the Zealot – Preacher. You need to any single class from these to start playing the Darktide.

Here players especially beginners get confused in picking up the class in Darktide. Every Darkitde player always wanted to know which is the best class in Darktide. But how do you figure out that? Don’t worry here we explain what is the best class in Darkitde along with related information that might come in handy for you.

What is the Best Class in Warhammer 40K: Darktide?

The best character class in Darktide is Ogryn because it fulfills all the requirements you need to win the game. It’s the strongest class in terms of melee attackers compare to the Zealot, Sharpshooter and Veteran.

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All Ogryn Weapons also deliver a high amount of damage to the enemies and the Thick Skin trait can give you 20+ toughness damage reduction and +20% health damage reduction that come in handy when you fight with maniacs and dregs enemy type in the game.

The Bull Rush ability gives you additional damage output. The Excessive Force gives you a 25% melee stagger and Loyal Protector gives you fast reviving while fighting with enemies and more.

Ogryn is a total tank class with one of the ability called Big Box of Hurt that allows him to complete a box of grenades toward the enemies that cannot possible with any other class available in the game.

The second is the Veteran’s Class Character because the abilities and weapons such as Kantrael Mk VII Lasgun that deliver high-end damage output the enemies. It’s one of the class characters that must have in your team.

The third is Zealot Class Character, this class is best to deal with enemies using the melee weapons the Combat Axe can easily reap the enemies in part in close combat. More importantly, the Zealot can have quick movement abilities that can help you to take down zombies more quickly.

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The four is Psyker Class Character, this class is best for those players who prefer to see some magic in the fight. The  Pykinetic’s Psychic abilities such as Brain Burst can easily take down enemies from distance.

This is all for the Warhammer 40K: Darktide best class guide for more similar content do check our WH40K: Darktide guides.