What is Pokemon Go Plus+? How to use, Pre-Order, and more

A brand new Pokemon Go Plus device will hit the stores in the summer of 2023. The second to be released following the mixed receptions for the original in September 2016, the accessory has been remodelled into a hockey puck Pokeball. It still has the franchise-favourite colors of red and white, along with some extra features.

The new Pokemon Go Plus+ device will cost $54.99 in the United States of America after being released on July 14, 2023. A week later, it will be made available in Europe for the cost of £49.99. It is a must-have for players who are looking forward to downloading the Pokemon Sleep app. More on that later.

Pokemon Go Plus Guide
Image via PokemonGoPlus

What is a Pokemon Go Plus Device?

Pokemon Go Plus is a handy accessory that can be used to automatically capture wild Pokemon and spin PokeStops without using a mobile phone.

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The new version has a ‘Main Button’ and a ‘Top Button’ that are used to interact with the device. The pack includes a USB charging cable but the USB AC adapter is sold separately.

Features in the New Pokemon Go Plus+ Device

For more comfort, Pokemon Go Plus can be clipped into belts or worn as a bracelet. Its features include allowing trainers the option to choose which Pokeball to throw after alerting them about a nearby wild Pokemon via vibration.

Press the Main Button in the center to attempt a catch after choosing the Poke Ball variety. Three red blips indicate that the catch wasn’t successful.

The Pokemon Go Plus+ vibrates and glows blue to alert trainers of nearby Gyms and Pokestops. If the items are successfully collected, the indicator will light up. Auto Spin and Auto Catch features can be activated based on convenience.

The device also keeps track of the owner’s sleep and then transfers the data to the Pokemon Sleep app for rewards, besides using ‘Pikachu lullaby’ as an alarm for the sleep schedules.

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How To Use Pokemon Go Plus+?

Before connecting Pokemon Go with Pokemon Go Plus+, make sure to charge the device and turn on the Bluetooth. A few simple steps need to be followed afterward:-

  • Open the Pokemon GO game.
  • While in the Map view, click on the Main Menu button.
  • Navigate to the top right of the tab and click Settings.
  • Click on the Pokemon Go Plus section.
  • Press the function button to make the Go Plus+ discoverable.

Retry if the connection fails. In the case of constant problems, check the official website of Pokemon Go Plus+ for more solutions and assistance.

Difference between Pokemon Go Plus and Pokemon Go Plus+

The main feature of the Pokemon Go Plus+ is that it allows the use of Great Balls and Ultra Balls unlike its predecessor, which only allowed normal Pokeball use.

Moreover, it can be paired with Pokemon Sleep and Pokemon Go to capture exclusive pocket monsters such as Pikachu wearing a nightcap and Snorlax wearing a nightcap.

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How To Get Snorlax Wearing a Nightcap in Pokemon Go?

The release of Pokemon Sleep and the Pokemon Go Plus+ will be celebrated in Pokemon Go with a grand Catching Some Z’s event.

A few ‘Mons will have a boosted spawn rate. Meanwhile, trainers will have the ability to unlock a ‘Special Research’ that leads to an encounter with a sleepy Snorlax wearing a nightcap.

Pre-ordering Pokemon Go Plus+

Those interested in pre-ordering the highly-demanded accessory can get it through:-