Pokemon Go: How to Beat Giovanni July 2023

The most stylish man considered in Pokemon and the greatest evil, Giovanni returned to Pokemon Go in July 2023. He also brings Shadow Regirock with him, making him his legendary Pokemon.

Rocket’s special research mission will be completed once the players defeat Giovanni in the game and take hold of his legendary Pokemon.

In the guide below, I will show you how to beat Giovanni in Pokémon Go in July 2023.

How To Defeat Giovanni in Pokemon Go?

how to beat giovanni
Pokemon Go Giovanni

There are 5 Shadow Pokemon in the Giovannis July 2023 Pokemon Go team for a three rounds battle. Round two can be a little difficult as Giovanni can have his three shadow Pokemon in that round compared to the first and last rounds.

Where there is just one Pokemon shadow. Players should carefully observe the round 2 Pokemon shadow to prepare themselves before defeating the Team Go Rockets Main leader.

  • The first Phase is with: Shadow Persian.
  • The second Phase is with Shadow Rhyperior, Shadow Nidoking, or Shadow Garchomp.
  • The third Phase is with: Shadow Regirock.
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Giovanni’s First-Round Phase Counters

Giovanni has a habit of starting his battle encounters with his most trusted member and companion, Shadow Persian. Shadow Persian is an average type of pokemon but can show boosted offensive powers when acting as a shadow variant.

  • Shadow Persian.
  • Resistance: Ghost-type.
  • Type: Normal-type.
  • Weakness: Fighting-type.

Giovanni’s Second Phase Counters

We cannot predict which Pokemon Giovanni will use as his second-phase shadow variant. He has much more powerful options, such as Shadow Rhyperior, Shadow Nidoking, or Shadow Garchomp. Players must carefully examine and observe these shadow variants to get themselves prepared for fighting against them.

  • Shadow Nidoking.
  • Resistance: Electric, Poison, Bug, Fairy, Fighting, and Rock-type.
  • Type: Poison and Ground.
  • Weakness: Ground, Ice, Psychic, and Water-type.

Giovanni’s Third Phase Counters

The third phase has just a single shadow variant like what we see in the first phase.

  • Shadow Regirock.
  • Type: Rock.
  • Resistance: Fire, Flying, Normal, and Poison-type.
  • Weakness: Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, and Water-type.
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