When Will Ranked Be Back Up In MW2? Answered

Are you frustrated about the rank being down in MW2? And when will it be ranked back up? Well, don’t worry; I have you covered.

MW2 Modern Warfare 2 is a multiplayer battlefield game. Its multiplayer experience is excellent from a hardcore gameplay standpoint. It provides the classic Call of Duty multiplayer experience that fans have come to expect, with an extensive arsenal of weapons and a decent variety of game modes.

Exciting news for the gamers, with the game update to Season 4 on 14th June 2023, Call Of Duty MW2 has finally officially announced the date for the Rank to be back up! 

When Will Ranked Be Backed Up IN MW2?

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The Call of Duty Twitter account has officially announced that the game’s ranked play will be backed up on June 15th at 1:55 pm CT.

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Rank Play is now Officially Live and rolling out for MW2 and even Warzone versions. The Ranked play is Backed up and ready for season 4 for the competitors in Modern Warfare.

Why Is Ranked Play Down In MW2?

There are a few reasons the Ranked play wad down in Modern Warfare 2 

  • Technical Issues: Treyarch, the video game developer of COD, has said that some technical issues needed to be addressed before Ranked Play could be back up; these issues were related to new map modes that are being added to the Ranked Play 
  • Balancing Issues: the game developers also wanted to ensure the Ranked play was balanced before it was released. This could have included making changes to the rules of Ranked Play or weapons and equipment that are available in Ranked play
  • Player Feedback: this might have also been an action taken to get feedback from the players before releasing Ranked Play, and the input can also be used to make changes to Ranked Play for the user’s best experience  
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How Does Ranked Play Being Down Affect Gameplay?

There are a few ways in how Ranked play being down affected Players’ gameplay:

Ranked Play being down in Modern Warfare 2 affects players in a few ways:

  • Players cannot earn rewards.
  • Players cannot improve their rank.
  • Players cannot compete against other players.

What Features Does Ranked Play Backed Up Have? 

These are the features and new modes the Ranked Being backed up will have this season!

  • A New Map: the new map is called Cage. It is a small, close-quarters map that is designed for fast-paced gameplay.
  • A New Mode: the new mode is called Control. It’s a team-based mode where players must capture and hold control points on the map.
  • A Soft Reset of Ranks
  • New Rewards
  • Improved Matchmaking

This is all for the When will be ranked be back in MW2 for the more of latest update do check our Call of Duty Modern Warframe 2 guides and our Homepage.

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