Where is Paleto Bay in GTA 5

The Rockstar Games has become quite popular for the GTA series the lots of things that you can do in this open-world game such as registering yourself as CEO, purchasing and selling the business and more.

There are also lots of places in GTA 5 that players prefer to visit in the game and one of the places that most GTA community talk about is Paleto Bay. Its area at near the beach and it holds some secrets that most players already explored.

Location of the Paleto Bay in GTA 5

One of the missions in the GTA 5 Story Mode is called Paleto Score in which you need to visit Paleto Bay with the tri and gunner where you need to drop off the Franklin and complete the bank heist mission.

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Paleto Bay is part of the state of San Andreas and its located on the northernmost coast of Blaine County on the map.

Paleto Bay in GTA 5
where is paleto bay in gta 5

When you visit the location you find the Bay is totally abandoned in the game lots of businesses close due to some issue.

The issue or the glitch we are talking about in the game is whenever you visit the north area of Paleto Bay you will automatically teleport to the shore. Most players believed that Rockstar Games created their own in-game Bermuda Triangle.

What is Paleto Bay in GTA 5 based on?

In real life Paleto Bay is based in Morro Bay, California most of the buildings and other parts of the elements are inspired by the local towns of California. There are lots of locations and buildings that match California Morro Bay.

Who You Should Pick For Paleto Bay Heist

You should prefer to pick Norm Richards because it is best to save the Daryl Johns for upcoming big money-making missions.

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