How To Get An Acid Lab in GTA 5 Online

The Acid Lab is one of the businesses that you can start in GTA Online to make a good amount of money.

Similar to other businesses you need to purchase the Acid Lab and then complete the mission to make a profit. Here we cover how to obtain the Acid Lab in GTA Online that might come in handy for you.

How To Get Acid Lab in GTA 5 Online

In order to get the Acid Lab you need to complete the First Dose missions in which the 6th and final mission requires you to steal the Brickade truck. This is the start of getting Acid Lab. So after completing this mission, you unlock the Acid Lab in GTA Online.

You need to interact with Dax and he will guide about 3 locations where you can find Acid Lab gears that you need to get for the truck. Make sure you don’t need to visit all 3 locations the task can be done at any single location.

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After getting the gears you need to head to the Freakshop and interact with Mutt, he will loadout the gears into the truck. This can be costly you need to spend around $750k for this task but for Acid Lab you don’t need that much amount. Here is our guide that has easy to make methods for GTA Online.

Once Mutt added the gears into the truck your Acid Lab is ready to make money. In order to make money from Acid Lab make sure to upgrade your lab with the side mission given by the Dax and then you can make a good amount of money by selling the products in-game.

Just like any other business in GTA Online, you need to complete the supply mission. For example, stealing the car and selling it in Special Vehicle Work. Get the supply and sell the products to make more profit.

This is all for how to get acid lab in GTA 5 Online for more relevant content such as how to sell the property and more do check our GTA 5 Online guides section.

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