Where is the Military Base in GTA 5

If you’re a fan of Grand Theft Auto 5, you might be aware of the only military base in the game: Fort Zancudo. While it’s hidden away in the outskirts of Blaine County, San Andreas, there are plenty of reasons to pay it a visit. 

Here, you can access military equipment like the P-996 Lazer fighter jet or the Rhino tank. However, be warned: Stepping foot on the base or flying over it will result in a 4-star Wanted Level and an aggressive military response with bullets and missiles. 

But don’t let that deter you! In this guide, we’ll show you how to get to the military base in both single-player and GTA Online, and what to expect when you arrive.

Where will you find the military base in GTA 5?

To find the Fort Zancudo military base in GTA 5, it’s important to note that it’s officially referred to as “Lago Zancudo” on the game’s map. On a satellite view of the game’s map, the base is located just south of North Chumash Beach, while Mount Josiah and the town of Harmony are situated to the east. 

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Although the military base stands out on the satellite image, it’s much more difficult to identify on the in-game map. However, if you look closely, you’ll notice the tip of the base jutting out from the shoreline. This is the quickest way to spot the base and head in the right direction. 

Once you arrive at the base, be prepared to face some intense resistance, as setting foot on the base or flying over it will earn you a 4-star Wanted Level and prompt the military to attack you with bullets and heat-seeking missiles.

However, successfully completing the mission of requisitioning a P-996 Lazer fighter jet, a Rhino tank, or other military goodies will certainly be worth the effort.

How to enter the military base in GTA 5

Fort Zancudo military base in GTA 5
gta 5 military base

There are several ways to enter the military base in GTA 5, but it’s not going to be an easy feat as it’s heavily fortified with fences and gates. If you try to fly in with a plane or helicopter, you’ll quickly receive a two-star wanted level and a warning over the radio. 

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If you don’t leave the airspace, you’ll quickly get a four-star wanted level and missiles will be launched at you. You can still try to land, but it’s recommended that you jump and open your parachute when you’re close to the ground.

Once you’ve landed, you’ll have a limited amount of time to steal a military vehicle before you’re eliminated by the army.