Where is the Treasure in GTA 5 Online?

It is one of the secret missions in GTA 5 Online that was released back in 2017 to tease the release of Red Dead Redemption 2.

It is one of the first missions new GTA Online players encounter. A special revolver in the game can be unlocked by gathering all the hints and solving the riddle. 

You can start the Treasure Hunt Activity once you receive an email about the Van Der Linde family discussing a treasure hunt while sharing a picture of a random location in Los Santos.

gta 5 online treasure hunt
Rockstar Games

There are twenty locations on the map where you can find treasure in GTA Online. You will be assigned to any of the locations below, where you must locate the clue to progress the treasure hunt and take it to the next phase.

Treasure Hunt LocationWhere To Find Clue
Del Perro PierOne of the supporting pillars is attached to it.
Cassidy CreekOn a huge boulder.
Vinewood HillsIt’s on a billboard.
Pacific Bluffs GraveyardOn the massive white grave.
Tongva Hills VineyardsOn a ledge beneath the small bridge.
San Chianski Mountain RangeOn a fence post made of wood.
Great Chaparral ChurchIn the graveyard, in front of the cross mark.
Cassidy Creek 2On the trunk of a tree.
Tataviam MountainsA large white boulder near the sea.
Sandy Shores / Alamo SeaOn a ledge to the right of the boat.
Grand Senora DesertOn the mine’s entrance door.
San Chianski Mountain RangeOn the wooden cross mark.
Los Santos Golf ClubOn the wooden bridge’s supporting pillar.
Pacific OceanOn a ledge.
Paleto BayOn one of the broken pillars of support.
Great ChaparralOn the wooden pole directly in front of the mine gate.
Sandy Shores 2On the Chiliad View message board.
Mount ChiliadOn the South S.A. View bulletin board.
Tongva Hills / Two Hoots FallsOn the totem of the Owl.
Sandy ShoresOn the massive white boulder.

In the second phase, you will be given three marked locations to visit and find the corresponding clues.

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ClueWhere To Find Clue
Dead bodyWithin the cave.
Bloody ShovelIn the delipidated house, to the left of the sofa.
Empty Treasure BoxOn the ground, near a large tree.

Once you have finished all three clues in the second phase, you will receive a message that says, “The Treasure’s final location has been revealed.” Go there to unlock the chest and claim your reward.”

When you open your map, you’ll notice a yellow chest icon. To finish the Treasure Hunt, make your way to it and open the Treasure Box.

This is all for how to find the treasure in GTA 5 Online. For more similar content do check our GTA 5 Online guides.