Who is Charles LeClerc’s Girlfriend: Meet Alexandra Saint Mleux

Currently, Charles Leclerc is considered the man of the minute in the world of Formula 1. The 25-year-old has been in the current talk following his exceptional performance in the ongoing season and for his track records. But his dating life is a hot topic that fans are always eager to know more about.

Following his breakup with his former girlfriend, a social media personality, Charlotte Sine, he is not rumored to be in a new relationship putting him off the market as a single man again.

If you want to know who Charles Leclerc’s girlfriend is, keep reading the article I have prepared below.

charles leclerc girlfriend

Who is Charles’ new Beau Alexandra Saint Mleux?

There is very little information available on the internet about who Alexandra Saint Mleux is. Still, we know she is currently in Paris, studying art history, and is just 21.

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She has been spotted with the Formula 1 star several times in different events, such as at the Monaco Grand Prix. The two of them have sparked rumors of them dating by seeing together multiple times.

She has a major tiktok following of 61k followers, suggesting she is a popular TikTok user. She loves to travel, as her pictures show. She has posted pictures of beautiful locations of the places she has travelled to on her social media.

How long have the two been dating?

From what we know, their relationship is still fresh and is in its initial phase. The two have kept their love life private and are yet to come forward as an official couple. The couple has also been seen traveling through Monaco.