How to Unlock HSW in GTA Online PC?

Rockstar Games has regularly updated GTA Online to provide players with varied gameplay. Last year, the company focused on the lifestyle of the characters with The Criminal Enterprises update.

This year has been different as most updates have been based on new vehicles and customisation – the latest one being the ability to unlock HSW in GTA Online.

HSW is an acronym for Hao’s Special Works which debuted in the game in early 2022. Located inside the LS Car Meet, highlighted by the big HSW logo, the business provides modification services and access to several exclusive features by the owner named Hao. HSW in GTA Online can be found in the southeast corner of the map.

Unfortunately, Hao’s Special Works mission is exclusively available in next-gen GTA versions on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S users. PC players may have to wait sometime for the update.

unlock hsw gta 5
Image via Rockstar North

Getting the Hao mission in GTA Online

Obtaining the mission to unlock HSW modification services is simple. Once a player logs into GTA Online from their PS5 or Xbox, they will get a call from Hao.

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The car tuner will then challenge the player with completing a Timed Trial with one of his modified cars that the player has to retrieve from a garage in Vinewood.

The Timed Trial will require players to beat Hao’s time of 8 minutes and 10 seconds. After completing the mission, travel to the LS Car Meet at Cypress Flats.

Players will be able to get one Special Works upgrade for free and also be able to purchase a Los Santos Tuners membership for $50,000 from Mimi.

The following list of cars is available for modification by HSW in GTA Online.

  • Ubermacht Sentinel XS
  • Shitzu Hakuchou Drag
  • Grotti Turismo Classic
  • Karin S95
  • Bravado Banshee
  • Coil Cyclone II
  • Imponte Arbiter GT
  • Pfister Astron Custom
  • Weaponized Pegassi Ignus

When will the Hao Special Works update arrive on GTA Online PC?

There’s no definite timeline given by Rockstar about HSW in GTA Online PC although it has been rumored since September 2022.

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The dev’s focus might be on introducing new vehicles for the PC players as seen by the latest San Andreas Mercenaries update. This means that the Special Works mission will be available in the game sooner or later.

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