Who Is Damian Lillard’s Wife Kay’la Hanson?

Damian Lillard is Portland Trail Blazers known star in Basketball, married to Kay’la Hanson. As he succeeds in his career, fans have shifted their attention to his personal life lately. People are curious about what kind of partner Damian Lillard has chosen to spend his life with. 

In this article, I have explained everything about Damian Lillard’s wife, Kay’la Hanson, and her life history. 

Kay’la Hanson and Damian Lillard – Married Life 

Like other athletes, Stephen Curry is a family man with two children, while James Harden and Kevin Durant have decided to stay bachelors for now. Damian Lillard comes under a family man. He is the father of Damian Jr., the eldest of three beautiful children. The daughter is named Kali, and the son is Kalii. 

kay la hanson
kay la hanson

Kay’la Hanson has kept her life private and out of the public spotlight. She is a registered nurse and entrepreneur of a cosmetic-based nail business named “DIPPED.” She completed her schooling at Legacy State High School and graduated from Weber State University.

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The couple was together for more than ten years before they got married. She was already a part of Damian’s family, internal support for the Trail Blazers star