Elden Ring Progression Route Guide

Elden Ring is a huge game and one of the greatest achievements in open-world gaming. The lands in the game contain adventure, regardless of where the player goes.

Players could also get lost between them for hours without finding a way to get out. This can also happen when a player is stuck in a challenge and isn’t ready to play.

Thanks to Elden Ring’s Guidance of Grace and various side quests offering assistance, there is hope for players to overcome the challenges by understanding the clues and determining their path carefully.

A planned route runs through Elden Ring, although it only covers a portion of the vast land present throughout the game. The underground areas are open to exploration, as are the Legacy Dungeons, which are linked with the Consecrated Snowfield.

Every player who plays the game will find a different route than others. If you want to know more about the Elden Ring progression route, keep reading the guide below, where I have gathered the information for players.

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Elden Ring Progression Route
elden ring progression route

The Best Progression Route to go for in Elden Ring

  • South Limgrave/Weeping Peninsula – Level 20, Upgrades +2
  • Stormveil Castle – Level 30, Upgrades +3
  • West Limgrave – Level 1~15, Upgrades +0
  • East Limgrave – Level 15, Upgrades +1
  • Liurnia of the Lakes – Level 40, Upgrades +4
  • Altus Plateau – Level 60+, Upgrades +10
  • Raya Lucaria Academy – Level 50, Upgrades +5
  • South Caelid – Level 60+, Upgrades +10
  • Leyndell, Royal Capital – Level 90+, Upgrades +15
  • Forbidden Lands/Mountaintops of the Giants – Level 100+, Upgrades +20
  • Mt. Gelmir – Level 70+, Upgrades +13
  • Leyndell, Ashen Capital – Level 130+, Upgrades +25
  • Crumbling Farum Azula – Level 120+, Upgrades +24