Who is Sha’Carri Richardson’s Girlfriend? Answered

Shah’Carri Richardson is a young American athlete. She is a Track and Field sprinter. She is 25 years old. She is the second fastest girl in the world in 2023.

Shah’Carri Richardson is presently Single. She used to date Janeek Brown, and they broke up after almost a year of dating. She posted about this breakup on social media. In this article, I will talk about the famous athlete’s love and personal life, so let’s get into it.

Shah’Carri Richardson’s Early Life 

Shah’Carri Richardson was born in Dallas, Texas, on March 25th, 2000. Her aunt and Grandmother brought her up.

Her biological mother passed away. Her grandmother, Betty Harp, means a lot to her. After she won the 100m sprint, she went straight to give her grandmother a warm hug.

Richardson has been running since a very young age. She went to Louisiana State University, and before that, she was a standout athlete at Carter High School she even won the 2019 NCAA championship record. 

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Why did They break up?

After a year of dating, Sha’Carri and her girlfriend broke up. Shah’Carri revealed this news in a social media post, where she said:

“I was in a relationship with a Jamaican athlete that never cared about me jumping. I was abused and stolen from, yet I protected her from the judgment of her country and family while they dragged me. I had to deal with homophobia and so much more that I’m still healing from.”

She also said that they were “young and dumb,” and they were both very abusive and toxic to each other. Shah’Carri further adds that she will never return to this; it was a significant learning experience for her.