Hogwarts Legacy: How To Get The Large Potting Table

Hogwarts Legacy has established itself as a gaming experience that provides role-playing at its finest. The game truly allows players to experience everyday life as a budding witch or wizard attending Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry.

As a student at Hogwarts you must learn to brew potions and the Hogwarts Legacy game provides players with a very immersive way to do that.

As students, players would have to grow the plants that they would need to brew their potions. Some of these plants require a special large pot to be grown, and that’s what this article will cover.

In this article readers will learn about the large pots in Hogwarts Legacy, their function, and how to acquire them.

Let’s dive in!

The Room Of Requirements

During the early stages of the game, players will come across a quest titled, “Tomes and Tribulations” and upon completion, the Room Of Requirements will become accessible. This is a room that serves as the player’s headquarters.

Players can decorate and customize the room however they see fit. The Room of Requirements served as a space for players to brew potions, grow plants, and cater for the magical beasts they’ve gathered.

This room provides you with a space to grow plants known as the potting table once you gain access to it. However the free potting tables that come with unlocking the room of requirements are too small for certain plants and you’ll eventually have to get a larger potting table and in turn a larger pot.

Let’s discuss how you can get one.

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How To Get The Large Pot

hogwarts legacy large pot location
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The large potting table and large pot can both be purchased in game at the Tomes and Scrolls shop for 1000 galleons (in game currency), where you have the option to purchase a potting table with one large pot or two large pots for extra money.

To find Tomes and Scrolls, go to Hogsmeade, and approach the first building from the main Hogsmeade entrance.

how to get large pot in hogwarts legacy
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After you’ve purchased your large pot, return to your room of requirement in Hogwarts and use the conjuring spell to select your list of conjurable items.

Locate your recently purchased large potting table, adjust it however you like and then place it somewhere. Placing a large potting table costs moonstones.

A potting table with one large pot costs ten moonstones and two large pots cost thirty moonstones. Now you can interact with the large pot and plant whatever seeds you wish to grow for your potions and spells.

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Why Go Through The Hassle?

This might be a lot to take in and with so many steps, some players might not see the worth in getting a large pot, allow us to change your mind.

Hogwarts Legacy is a very immersive experience, and as such almost every little detail is important to get yourself the best possible playing experience, and that includes the seeds you grow.

These plants can be utilized in battles to weaken your opponents, they can also be brewed into potions that improve your stats or heal you during a battle.
Some of these useful plants include.

1- Fluxweed Stem which can be brewed into a Focus Potion that reduces the amount of cool down time between spells

2- The Venemous Tentacula plant when brewed into a potion can be used as an offensive advantage.

3- The Mallowsweet plant is not a combative plant but still has its uses as it unlocks the Merlin Trials. Something you can’t gain access to unless you can grow these plants using a large pot.

With the right plants, your battles can go much smoother and you can take the edge over your adversaries. All you’d need to do is grow your own seeds in your newly purchased large pot.

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Seeds can also be purchased at the Magic Neep shop in Hogsmeade and if you need to upgrade your furniture or further customize your Room Of Requirements, you can find everything you need for sale at the Tomes and Scrolls shop in Hogsmeade.

Growing your own plants also allows you to save money to buy ready grown plants when they are required by the game. Enjoy your adventures as budding Witches and Wizards!

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