World of Tanks: How to Destroy the Maus

The Maus is one of the tanks in the World of Tanks. It is the heaviest tank in the world. In this article, I will show you how to destroy The Maus, which is an extremely heavy tank in the World of Tanks.

How to Destroy the Maus in World of Tanks?

Destroy Maus World of Tanks
Image via Wargaming

You must understand Maus’ weakness to know how to destroy it in World of Tanks. Like many other tanks, it’s rear. Even though the Mantle of the Maus is exceptionally thick, its frontal armor is flat. Look at these points to destroy it. 

Whenever you want to attack the Maus, ensure it’s not angling its armor, as angled armor increases its thickness. If you come across a Maus with angled armor, don’t worry; you can use its speed to change the angle.

The main goal is to attack the broadside of the Maus. When shooting at the perpendicular angle, remember that the Maus cannot easily shrug off your rounds, and you only need to penetrate 185 mm of armor. This is a relatively easy task for many tanks

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Since the Maus cannot aim down far, it suffers from poor gun depression. So it will prefer to attack on flat terrain. Use this to your advantage by avoiding flat areas or forcing the Maus to shoot uneven landscapes.

SPGs are your best friend for attacking the Maus due to their side. Finally, Maus is a highly sluggish tank with a very slow speed. So shoot its rear while quickly getting around it. 

Before we get into the way to destroy the Maus, let’s look into its stats to understand the vehicle better.

The Maus Stats

Stat Value 
Mass 188 tonnes
Length 12.13 m
width3.71 m
Height 3.63
Main armament 128 mm KwK 44 L/55
Secondary armament 2x 7.92 mm MG34
Max speed 20 km/h
Engine 2 x Maybach HL 230 P30 v12 diesel engines
Powerplant output2,000 hp
Range 150 km
Armor Up to 280mm

That’s all on how to attack and destroy the Maus. I hope it helps you.

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