Pokemon Go Heatran: Raid, Counter, Weakness and Shiny form guide

Heatran will dominate this week’s 5-star Raids in Pokemon Go. The legendary dual-type Fire/Steel Pokemon is available till 10 A.M. LT on July 6, 2023. Trainers who successfully capture it will have access to the legacy Magma Storm Charged Move (DMG 65) along with Bug Bite or Fire Spin.

A Generation 4 Pokemon, Heatran’s powerful abilities were first seen in The Arcues Chronicles. It took the combined forces of Ash’s Pikachu, Dawn’s Piplup, and Goh’s Cinderace to tame it. Long been the butt of jokes in Pokemon Go, the legendary beast obtaining the Magma Storm ability, similar to the anime, has somewhat re-defined it.

Pokemon Go Shiny Heatran
heatran pokemon go

Pokemon Go Heatran Raid: CP, Counters, Weakness, and more info

Heatran is weak against Water, Fighting, and Ground-type attacks. Pokemon Go automatically chooses a battle party that includes such moves, although it is recommended to use certain Pokemon to maximise the winning chances.

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Pokemon Go Heatran Counters

  • Rhyperior: Mud-Slap (Ground) with Earthquake (Ground)
  • Excradill: Mud Slap (Ground) with Drill Run (Ground)
  • Blastoise: Water Gun (Water) with Hydro Cannon (Water)
  • Terrakion: Double Kick (Fighting) with Sacred Sword (Fighting)
  • Mamoswine: Mud Slap (Ground) with High Horsepower (Ground)

Heatran in Pokemon Go has an initial CP Range: of 2058–2145, which is boosted by Sunny Weather to 2573–2681. If trainers encounter a Heatran with above 90 IV after a successful Raid battle, four-five Golden Berries or ten Razz Berries must be in the inventory. It will be difficult to catch the powerhouse in the first five tries.

With a maximum CP of 4244, Heatran has a strong offensive stat of 251 Attack, with a 213 Defence, and 209 Stamina Power. Building it for Master Leagues is definitely a good idea but one needs to take part in as many Heatran raids as possible in order to obtain the necessary Candy and Candy XL along with a massive amount of Stardust.

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Shiny Heatran in Pokemon Go

Yes, Shiny Heatran is available in Pokemon Go. The most distinctive feature of Shiny Heatran is its Magenta eyes along with gold-tinted metal accents. It also has bright red skin with bright orange spots, different from the normal version’s brown skin with silver plates.

According to popular belief, Heatran’s shiny variant in Pokemon Go has a 5% chance to feature in the 5-Star Raid. Trainers are guaranteed to find a Shiny Heatran if they take down the Raid Boss 20 times. The chances increase with each successful capture.

PvP players can also obtain a Shiny Heatran. Pokemon Go introduced the legendary Pokemon as a reward encounter for participants above rank 20. As such, there is a chance that a shiny version pops up. Note that this will run till July 6 until further notice.

Combine Raiding with PvP participation to maximize chances of finding a Shiny Heatran. This is all for Heatran raid in Pokemon Go for more relevant guides do check our Pokemon Go guides section.

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