WOW Dragonflight Release Date and more

Do you want to know the release date and time of Dragonflight? Learn that and more in this article.

Dragonflight is the new World of Witchcraft expansion. It is released, and you can start your quest on the back of a dragon now. This expansion will have all new playable races and classes of humanoid dragonkin. 

Let’s see the release date and time and more for World of Warcraft Dragonflight.

Dragonflight Release Date

In October 2021, a leaked image circulated on Reddit that appeared to be an internal Blizzard document. The document showed the release date for the game. This leak then ended up being true.

The WoW Dragonflight release date was on 28 November 2022

The game’s pre-launch was on October 25th. Along with the release date leak, the leaked document also revealed some other details about Dragonflight.

WOW Dragonflight Release Date
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Dragonflight Release Time

  • Release times for 28th November 2022
  • Los Angeles: 3:00 PM PST 
  • New York: 6:00 PM EST
  • London: 11:00 PM GMT 
  • Release times for 29th November 2022
  • Paris: 12:00 AM CET
  • Seoul: 8:00 AM KST
  • Sydney: 10:00 AM AEDT
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Dragonflight Features

Here are some features included in the WOW expansion Dragonflight::

Variety of dragons: there will be many different types of dragons in the world of witchcraft expansion. Each dragon will have its unique ability.

Challenging mechanics: Dragonflight often features complicated mechanics that force players to work together to defeat the boss. 

New talent system: the talent system will be overhauled in Dragonflight. You will get the freedom to customize.

New Story: the story of the Dragonflight will focus on the return of the dragon flights to the dragon isles

New Loot: Dragonflights are often a valuable source of loot, including gear, mounts, and pets. 

Epic Scale: Dragonflights are often epic in scale. They have large and visually impressive environments. This adds to the sense of excitement and immersion when fighting these bosses.