FIFA 23 Level Up Raul Jimenez Player Objectives

The wait is over, and the FIFA 23 level-up for team 2 is finally here for you to avail a bunch of cards and level up. Suppose you want to level up Raul Jimenez in IFA 23 but don’t know the objectives. Rest assured; I have listed all the player objectives you need to level up Raul Jimenez in IFA 23 in this article. 

EA Sports has confirmed that the players can level up the Raul Jimenez card to team two with player-pick objective cards. But there are a few objectives you will need to follow to be able to do so. 

Raul Jimenez’s card starts at 92 and can be boosted higher. The objectives are simple; you must play some matches with specific player picks and make some particular moves, so let’s get into it without further ado.

Objectives for Level up Raul Jimenez in FIFA 23

level up raul jimenez
raúl jiménez

Raul Jimenez initializes with 92-rated cards, which have the potential to be boosted up to 94-rated cards. The first card ever in IFA is Level Up Raul Jimenez. You can pick whichever card you prefer from the three dynamic pictures given.

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To complete Level Up Raul Jimenez, you have to follow the objectives, which are: you will have to score a Finesse shot in at least 5 different squad battle matches. You must play the Semi-Pro difficulty mat; it can also be Rivals or FUT champions with the 92 OVR level-up Raul Jimenez.

Choose exactly five Premier League players in your starting 11. The bonus you will get is that you will earn an untradeable player pick with one of the three action shot choices, Raul Jimenez. 

raul jimenez level up
raúl jiménez

Remember that these objectives for Raul Jimenez are only available until July 28, 2023, at 6:00 p.m.

That’s all for the FIFA 23 level-up Raul Jimenez player picks objectives. With the level-up team, you can also get new cards, such as Ferran Torres, so go on and get playing!

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