WoW Patch Notes July 18: New Classes, Dungeons and Raids and more

What are the patch fixes for World of Witchcraft for July 18? Here are the WoW patch notes for July 18.

The WoW Patch has made changes regarding several bug fixes in the classes, Items, PVP, quests, time rifts, and more. They have also added new features, like a new class, a new zone, several new quests, and a new profession.

What are the Patch Notes for July 18 in WoW?

The new July 18 patch added new content and fixed many bugs:


They fixed the bug in all the classes: Balance in Durid, Augmentation in Evoker, Arcane, Fire, and Forest in Mage (with weekly restarts), Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible in Dungeons and Raids, and Iridikron in Dawn of Infinite.

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They also added a new class, Necromancer,” which specializes in death and decay. They can summon undead minions to fight for them; it is a powerful class, and you should be careful while playing this class because you can fall prey to your dark powers.


The Echoing Trystone’s functionality has been updated. The echoing Trystone will no longer target pets. And they fixed a bug causing Quantum Transmog items to reward Dracthyr Cloth Transmog instead of the mail.

WOW Dragonflight Release Date
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Player Versus Player

They resolved the issue preventing the farm base status icon from updating. They updated the Hunter,” which will no longer let the intimidation’s cooldown be consumed. They added weekly restarts to Paladin.


Engineering: Nixx Sporocketspring will be less persistent about training Goblin Engineering Schematics when you’re trying to progress the quest short circuit. 


They added a new zone, “The Catacombs.” This is a dark and dangerous zone filled with undead creatures. It is rewarding and challenging. You will find powerful items here if you play in this zone.

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They fixed the issue where the weapons were not correctly hiding while they were racing.

They added several new quests for the new class and zone.

Time Rifts 

They fixed the many bugs in the time rifts. They also removed the time rift quests. Each player can earn 10 Drake’s Shadow Flame Crest fragments.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

The Azure ring is no longer proc mirror images. Mage-Lord Urom will no longer have mirror images proc.

That is all for the patch notes for World of Warcraft on July 18. I hope this article is clear and you got all your answers.