The Actor with the Eyebrows: Will Poulter, a Co-Star of WWE Legend Dave Bautista, Feels Strangely about his Nickname

Will Poulter

Will Poulter, Dave Bautista’s Co-Star, has been acting for a while now and has a nickname in the industry, “the actor with the eyebrows.” There are many different reasons a celebrity gains fame in Hollywood, Will is known for his eyebrow shapes. But what does Will think about his nickname?  Will Poulter is a British … Read more

Who is Jeremiah Peniata Fatu: Meet Rikishi’s Son

Rikishi son

Solofa Fatu Jr. is a WWE Hall of Fame legend who doesn’t need a long introduction. He became popular while competing under the ring names of Rikishi and Fatu in World Wrestling Entertainment. Fatu has exceptional victories, including an Intercontinental championship, one WWE Tag Team Championship, and two World Tag Team Championships accredited to his … Read more