Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 Release Date Talks (2024)

When it comes to gaming consoles, the most important part the gamers focus on is the controller. Now more gamers are started playing competitive games like first-person shooter games like Fornite and Battle Royals.

Most of Xbox users, looking for the Xbox Elite Series 3 controller releasing date speculation on the web. The Elite Series controller is considered one of the best gaming controllers for the Xbox console because of its in-built features and modular elements.

As of now, currently, there are Two Elite Controllers released until now and now Xbox owners are expecting to see the Third version of the Elite Controller here is some information about it.

Will there be an Elite Controller Series 3 Release Date?

Microsoft hasn’t said or released any official statement about the release date of Elite Series 3 until now. So guessing the release date won’t be possible for anyone except Microsoft.

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However, Series 1 was released on October 1, 2015, and Series 2 was released on November 4, 2019. Both releases have 5 years gap, So we can guess that Series 3 will roll out in 2023 probably in October or November.

But it was there is no official confirmation about the Xbox Series 3 by Microsoft. And there are no leaks on the internet about it. So we suggest you don’t need to wait for Series 3 if you currently looking to purchase a new Xbox Controller.

Xbox Series 3

What is the Price of the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3?

The original Xbox Elite Controller is available for $149.99 and the Series 2 controller sells for $179.99. The Xbox Elite Series 3 Controller will be available for a price between $180 to $200 because there is another premium controller such as SCUF that sells for the same price.

Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 Specification

There is no official statement from Microsoft regarding the features of the upcoming Elite 3 series controller.

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Should I Wait For Elite Series 3 or Not?

As of now, there is no official information about the Elite Series 3 Controller release date by Microsoft or confirmation about the device. So suggest you should purchase an Elite Series 2 Controller you can purchase it online during the sale.

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