Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 | Buy, Price, Feature

Until now Microsoft did not give any official announcement regarding its new Xbox Elite Controller Series 3. As per we know the Elite Controller 2 was introduced in November 4 2019 with some of the dynamic features that takes your gaming skills to the next level. Moreover, its to late to to write about it, But there are rumors regarding on the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 which will hit the market in few years.

Because the Elite Controller X series give an massive feedback to the company and Microsoft planning to release its new controller with more helpful features including the AI and much more. As per we know the Elite Controller was firstly introduced in October 2015 just 4 year before the Elite Series 2 controller.

Well, rumor’s says, Microsoft planning to release Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 till the end of the 2023. Company has stated working on the model of the controller and some of the information has been leaked on the internet that explains that Elite Series 3 will come with include a Share button on the Core Controller.

Xbox Series 3

What is the Price of Xbox Elite Controller Series 3?

The original Xbox Elite Controller available for $149.99 and the Series 2 controller sells for $179.99. The Xbox Elite Series 3 Controller will be available for price between $250 to $200. Because there are other premium controller such as SCUF that sells for same price. Which also one of the best controller for gaming, let see if Microsoft will goes over the that price for its new elite controller or not.

Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 Specification

There is no official statement comes from the Microsoft regarding the features of the upcoming Elite 3 series controller . But some inner sources leaked some of the features that we will see on this Xbox controller such as. It will come with Share Button that allow gamers to share their game on social media such as facebook, twitch or stream.

Moreover the new d-pad may also be included into the new controller. As per now, the Elite Series 2 also an dynamic controller in terms of design and durability. Hope, Microsoft new Elite Series 3 also has the same features.

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