Yuzu Pokemon Violet Black Screen How To Fix

Are you experiencing a black screen on Yuzu when you open Pokemon Violet? It is frustrating to come across this error and not be able to play the game. Don’t worry, and I have a fix for you. 

While Yuzu Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have brought many exciting new things, they still have some issues. This happened because the game is incompatible with Yuzu and causes this graphical issue.

How do I fix the Yuzu Pokemon Violet Black Screen?

  • Right-click on Yuzu, then click on the “Properties” option. 
  • There, click on “Compatibility.”
  • A screen will open, and you must select “Disable full-screen optimizations.” Now run this program as an administrator. 
  • Once that is done, click “Apply” and “OK.”
  • Now open the app, click “Emulation,” and then “Configure.”
  • Then go to the left menu and click “Graphics.” 
  • You should try both Vulcan and Open GL in the API settings section. Try them one by one. 
  • In the same way, change the device settings to see if those settings work better for you. 
  • Choose whatever setting you want, and then click OK
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If this doesn’t work, you must download and use the latest version of Ryujinx to fix the Yuzu Pokemon Black screen. 

Ryujinx has implemented specific updates that fix graphic issues with certain games. Although Pokemon is not fully compatible, it is playable on Ryujinx for some users. Otherwise, you need to wait a while.

You can download and use the latest version of Ryujinx from the Ruynjinx official website. While running the game on Rujinx, untick the “Expand DRAM to 6GB” option. 

That is all for how you can fix the Yuzu Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This answers all your questions and helps you fix the error.