How Cubone Appearance Without The Skull

Pokemon has had an unstoppable success story since the first games were published on the Nintendo Game Boy in 1996. With the popularity of Pokemon came other video games, and as the series’ tagline goes, “Gotta Catch ‘Em All.” These new games included a new Pokemon Cubone.

At first glance, Cubone’s skull helmet appears to be a stunning piece of character design. However, it raises some questions about the skull’s origins. These inquiries lead to one of the many unsettling backstories of Pokemon. The Cubone’s skull is that of its late mother, over whom it would constantly weep.

cubone without mask
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CPT Nemo1870 dubbed the terrarium images “Marowak’s final resting place.” The terrarium was repurposed from a creative adornment to a respectful monument to Cubone’s mother. Because a Marowak is a more advanced variant of a Cubone. It appears natural that a Cubone obtains its skull helmet from its mother.

When Cubone evolves into a Marowak, the skull helmet it wears fuses to its head and cannot be removed. Its skull helmet effectively merges with the new Marowak’s skull. However, if every Cubone wears the skull of its Marowak mother.

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This would imply that a Cubone skull helmet is composed of more than just its mother’s skull. However, a long line of moms’ skulls fused and re-fused into one. However, the origins of Pokemon’s Cubone have generated a flood of fan ideas.

If each Marowak anticipated to pass on their ancestral skull to their Cubone offspring. It would be a terrible addition to CPT Nemo1870’s terrarium.

A Cubone’s skull perched on a plant in its final resting place suggests. That the Cubone has either perished or lost its helmet. Something about Pokemon’s brilliant appearance tends to elicit such unsettling fan ideas.

Now you know what Cubone without a skull looks like as I’ll see you in the next guide.