How Many Bosses Are There In Mario Odyssey?

In Mario Odyssey, a Boss is a powerful enemy that Mario must defeat to progress in the game. Bosses usually have a variety of attacks and can be challenging. Each boss requires a different strategy to beat it. Even with strategy, one might lose, but it’s okay. 

Defeating the boss is often rewarding as it unlocks new areas or powerups; players can be more equipped to face the challenges by understanding boss fights. In this article, I will state the number of bosses in Mario Odyssey and all their names.

List Of Bosses In Mario Odyssey

Mario Odyssey Browser
all bosses in mario odyssey

There are 13 unique Bosses in Mario Odyssey, but each has two different fights making that total of 23 bosses.

  • Topper
  • Madame Broode
  • Rango
  • Spewart
  • Harriet
  • Knucklotec
  • Torkdrift
  • Mechawiggler
  • Mollusque-Lanceur
  • Cookatiel
  • Ruined Dragon
  • Bowser (1st fight)
  • Bowser (2nd fight)

Here’s a table for the location, fights, and notes of the different bosses.

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TopperMoon Kingdom2First fight is against Topper’s magic hat, Bonneter.
Madame BroodeWooded Kingdom2First fight is against Madame Broode’s mech, Broodal Jet.
RangoLuncheon Kingdom2First fight is against Rango’s mech, Rango’s Ride.
SpewartSeaside Kingdom2First fight is against Spewart’s mech, Spewart’s Seaship.
HarrietRuined Kingdom2First fight is against Harriet’s mech, Harriet’s Copter.
KnucklotecSand Kingdom1A giant robot that Mario must defeat by hitting its weak spots.
TorkdriftSnow Kingdom1A giant drill that Mario must defeat by avoiding its attacks and hitting its weak spots.
MechawigglerMetro Kingdom1A giant spider that Mario must defeat by hitting its weak spots and avoiding its webs.
Mollusque-LanceurLake Kingdom1A giant jellyfish that Mario must defeat by avoiding its ink and hitting its weak spots.
CookatielBowser’s Kingdom1A giant bird that Mario must defeat by dodging its fire and hitting its weak spots.
Ruined DragonBowser’s Kingdom1A massive dragon that Mario must defeat in order to save Princess Peach.
Bowser (1st fight)Bowser’s Kingdom1A fight against Bowser in his clown car.
Bowser (2nd fight)Moon Kingdom1The final boss fight of the game.

What is the hardest boss in Mario Odyssey?

There are 13 bosses in Mario Odyssey, and the hardest one to fight in the series is Browser. He is also the story’s final boss, so it makes it understandable why Brower’s battle is brutal. What makes him quite hard to defeat is he throws everything he has at players.

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In order to defeat him, the player has the first step the players need to do is to acquire his hat. Acquiring his hat is a challenge on its own.

To get his hat, Mario has to pass many hurdles. The browser also jumps at a different platform and throws fire rings around the battlefield, and you have to jump and dodge the fire rings. Also, you must avoid the boulders that the Browser throws at you.

Super Mario Odyssey is a game with many interesting characters and locations for the players to complete missions. Super Mario Odyssey follows the titular character on his journey through several kingdoms. Most kingdoms feature a “Boss” that Mario must fight to claim Moons the Moons power Mario’s hat-shaped spacecraft.