How to Change Appearance in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts legacy comes with so many options and adventures where you get to explore the magical world of Hogwarts. Throughout the game, you can collect magical items, take part in side quests and explore the vast and incredible world of Hogwarts.

However, there are also parts of the game that has less to do with the story and more to do with your looks. If you already started the game and you’re wondering how to change your appearance in Hogwarts Legacy, you’re not alone.

Most players wonder if they’re stuck with the look they chose from the beginning or if they have the option to alter their appearance. We’ll discuss the answers in depth in this article; let’s get into it.

Can You Alter Your Appearance in Hogwarts Legacy?

change apperence hogwarts legacy
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Thankfully, you can change your appearance once you get into Hogwarts. However, the developers only allow players to change some aspects while some decisions remain the same, whether you’re in line with it or not. 

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Your appearance would be completely locked up till you reach Hogwarts. Once you get to the magical school, you can change your appearance in some ways.

Once you decide on the Hogwarts Legacy character creator, you won’t be able to change your dormitory type, body shape, face shape, voice tone, skin color, and facial features.

However, once you get into the school and are sorted, you can change your eye color, complexion, eyebrow, voice pitch, hairstyle, and color. You can also add some features to your appearance when you get new gear, like robes, clothes, and glasses in the game.

How to Change Appearance in Hogwarts Legacy

Now that you know you can alter some aspects of your appearance in the game, it’s time to learn how to change your appearance in Hogwarts Legacy.

To change your appearance, you’ll have to visit a hairdresser. There are many hairdressers and beauticians in Hogwarts, and you can find them using the Hogwarts Legacy map

Calliope Snelling Location
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All you have to do is look for a pair of scissors on the map, and you’ll be able to change your appearance in exchange for some coins. Although magic is handy, witches also need money to get their way in the video game.

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The easiest place to change your appearance in the game is at Madam Snelling’s Tress Emporium in Hogsmeade. All you have to do is speak to Calliope Snelling once you get inside. 

Calliope Snelling Hogwarts Legacy
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In addition to changing your outfit, you can also change how you look for 20 Galleons. Once you pay the fee, you’ll have access to the character creation tools provided at the start of the game, and you can now opt for a new look or style you’ll be proud of. 

How to Change Gear and Outfit in Hogwarts Legacy

Learning how to change your appearance in Hogwarts Legacy isn’t the only way to stand out in the game; you can also change your gear and outfit. All players need to do is open the Wizard’s field guide and find the gear section. Once you open it, you can choose from various types of gear.

The gear available can only be unlocked as you make your way through the various quests in the game. Your gear has various features; while some boost your stats, you can upgrade others.

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The only problem is that combining gears to access the boost they sometimes offer results in ridiculous outfits. Thankfully, you can make some gear invisible once equipped. That way, you can still enjoy the gear’s boosts while flaunting an amazing style.

Final Thoughts

For some people, completing quests and looking good while at it is part of their magical experience.

The guide above explains clearly how to change the appearance of Hogwarts Legacy. This way, you can always ensure you look your best while you level up in the game. Check out our guide on how to unlock Hippogriff in Hogwarts Legacy.

This is all for how to change character appearance in Hogwarts Legacy for more similar content do check our Hogwarts Legacy guides.