Wild Hearts Bow Weapon Guide: Skills, Combos and more

The Wild Hearts Bow is one of the best options in Wild Hearts. Players prefer this as their long-range weapon. The bow is unlocked at the start of the game, and you can forge it as soon as you want. You can upgrade it through a unique skill tree as you learn about its fantastic and mobile burst damage possibilities. 

The best way to use the bow is to do massive bursts of damage. You must stick as many sticks as possible into the Kemono and then detonate them all simultaneously.  

wild hearts bow guide
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Using the Bow in Wild Hearts

You will have a range advantage with the wild heart bow, allowing you to target wild heart Kemonos from far away. With the bow, you need to learn to use your stamina efficiently. It comes with modes that consume different amounts of stamina. 

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Charging your arrows is a huge advantage for increased damage output. The more you hold the button, the higher the damage will be. Fighting at close range won’t be beneficial. You should stay on your feet and escape attacks by dodging or sliding. 

To unleash the true power of the bow, you should know the combos and advanced attacks that can open winning opportunities against every type of enemy in Wild Heart. 

Best combos for Wild Heart Bow

The Wild Hearts Bow offers players many combos that can do good damage to their enemies. For beginners, press the SQUARE button on the PlayStation, the key on the PC, and the key on the Xbox. This will be your ‘Attack 1″ key bind. This will change the light damage stance to higher damage. 

The A2 key bind comes when you press the Triangle button on the PlayStation, Scroll on the PC, or Y button on the Xbox. This will Strengthen/Bolster your Bow. Bolstering your bow will vary the types of combos you can execute with the Burst Haya combo. 

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The Special Attack (SA) is used for firing your arrows. For PlayStation, press R2LMB for PC, and the RT button for Xbox. 

Combos and Attack Tips you should know

  • Jumping off a single crate and attacking will perform a Shockwave Shot that will detonate all arrows into the Kemono. 
  • Jumping off two crates and attacking will automatically be the first level of a bolster charge. 
  • After completing the attack, jumping off three crates and attacking will fully bolster your bow.
  • Jumping off Spring Karakuri will allow you to shoot five arrows at once. 
  • If you stack two torches on each other and jump off, you will perform the same Shockwave attack. 

Fastest Combo in Wild Heart with Bow

One of the fastest combos with Wild heart bow is by getting a lot of arrows lodged in Kemono and jumping off a spring. It will shoot all arrows at once on the enemy and give level one bolster, which you can use in the horizontal form to shoot out bursts. It will stick ten arrows for you to detonate at once. 

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Best Bow skills

Extreme ArcheryReduces stamina depletion
Nocking MarvelReduces the time taken for a Bolster
Broken Beast Screaming ArrowIncreases the damage output
Fusion ReaperIncreases the recovery of Karakuri