How To Catch Shiny Kecleon in Pokemon Go

Some Pokemon are kind of easy to capture like in raids, or the wild but some Pokemon will be made you push your search limit.

Here we are talking about Kecleaon Pokemon Go. First of all, it’s not that easy to see this rare creature. Also, in the wild it’s kind of rare to find shiny Pokemon, now mostly shiny Pokemon are available during event time. 

Kecleon will be hanging on some branch of the Pokestops. But you won’t be able to find him. Kecleon has the unique ability to hide in the wild. Kecleon can turn in any color as per the background. But there is one exception when Kecleon changes colors, still, the rid zig-zag strips are visible.

So at Pokestop if you see something that kind of weird, just tap on it if it’s Kecleon it will Run from there. After that, it will be available on the map and you can easily catch Kecleon Pokemon. So overall it’s not that easy to find Shiny Kecleon, Trainers have to look out and explore Pokestops to capture Shiny Kecleon. 

How To Catch Shiny Kecleon in Pokemon Go?

Have you got the news from Ninatic that, during Last Vegas Event for the Go Tour, Shiny Kecleon is added to Pokemon Go? there are many shiny Pokemon added but the other Shiny Pokemon weren’t that hard to capture.

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Shiny Kecleon Pokemon Go
Shiny Kecleon

You can capture them by using Lure Modules and Incense. But it does not apply to the Shiny Kecleon, you have to find it in the Pokestops. The other thing is, Kecleon will be at the Pokestops for every user but the exact location is not the same. 

But when you reach the Pokestops, you can see the shape or anything of Kecleon, but the Kecleaon has the red Zig Zag on its body and it completely disappears. So you just have to do is look for the red zig-zag mark in Pokestops. 

As you find one you just have to tap on it. After that, it will be in actual form. Then capturing the Kecleon is easy. 


Shiny Kecleon is added to the Pokemon Go, you won’t be able to find Kecleon with Lure Modules and Incenses. You just have to begin your search in the Pokestops. Look for the red zig-zag line and tap on it. You will find the Shiny Kecleon if you are lucky enough and then capture Kecleon. 

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This is the end of how to catch Shiny Kecleon in Pokemon Go for more relevant content such as whether is there a shiny Guzzlord in Pokemon Go or how to catch shiny aerodactyl and more do check our Pokemon Go guides section.