Abby and Owen’s Boat Romance Scene in The Last of Us 2

The boar scene in The Last of Us 2 is controversial. It is a beautiful and intimate moment between Abby and Owen, who are deeply in love. Moreover, it is also a scene fraught with foreshadowing and tension. 

In this article, I will explain the scene where Abby and Owen were romantically involved. I will explain the relationship before the boat scene, why they sleep together, and its consequences. 

Abby and Owen’s Relationship in The Last of Us 2 

Owen is a former Fireflies soldier now a member of the Washington Liberation Front (WLF). He struggles with the guilt of leaving Jackson, Wyoming after Joel Miller killed his father. He wants to start a new life with Abby, but staying in WLF makes him doubt about having a good life. 

Abby is a WLF soldier who is obsessed with revenge against Joel. Her grief and anger drive her, and she is willing to do anything to take revenge. The relationship between Owen and Abby is a constant source of tension throughout the game.

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They love each other deeply but are also constantly at odds with each other. They are struggling with trauma from the past, and they want different things in the future. 

The boat scene between Abby and Owen explained

abby tlou boat scene meaning
Image via Naughty Dog

Abby finds Owen on the sailboat, and he tells her that he cannot kill Seraphites and that he wants to go to Santa Barbara to find fireflies. Owen expresses his rage to Abby for the first time. Abby lets him vent about the family he lost because of people like WLF and Abby herself.

They both get into an argument and get into a physical fight. But during the fight, it transitions into kissing and eventually having sex. The scene is one of the most controversial scenes in the game and has created a lot of discussion around it. 

The next morning, Abby wakes up due to nightmares and realizes she didn’t feel anything. Owen still loves her, but Abby is now detached. The entire situation steers her to the right path, and Abby decides to help former young Yara, Lev, and Scars to save them from WLF and cultists. 

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Mel and Abby fall out after Abby helps the Scars. Mel accuses Abby of being a pretender and says she is only helping the Scars get on Owen’s good side.

Mel tells Abby that their friendship is now over, and she will not go to Santa Barbara with Owen if Abby is going. This is the last scene between Abby and her friends, who died at the hands of Ellie.