How to Get M247 HMG in Halo Infinite

This article is based on a guide for gamers to learn how they can get M247 HMG in Halo Infinite without having a hassle.

With its stunning graphics and captivating plot, Halo Infinite currently ranks among the most popular video games right now.

To keep players interested, the creators regularly introduce new elements and weekly challenges. Additionally, people from all around the world enjoy it its themes and gameplay. This game is available on Xbox and PC.

If you’ve only recently begun playing Halo Infinite online, you must have encountered the weekly challenges. You can only advance in the game’s levels by completing a weekly challenge. Similar to this, the game’s weekly challenge has left new players completely baffled. The M247 HMG problem, indeed.

The M247 HMG Challenge: What Is It?

Players must use a weapon called the M247 HG to eliminate opponents in this weekly challenge. Halo Infinite offers very little information regarding the M247 HMG, making it challenging for certain novice gamers and beginners to grasp.

Consequently, we were inspired to create this post. Here, we’ll explain how to obtain the M247 HMG weapon and, more importantly, how to utilize it expertly to beat the task. Excited?

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M247 HMG
M247 HMG

What is the M247 HMG Weapon?

HMG is essentially a gun and is a necessary weapon to complete one of Halo Infinite’s weekly tasks. The United Nations Space Command’s ground soldiers mostly employ this weapon, and it operates by killing foes as you level up and complete battle pass stages!

The M247 HMG in Halo Infinite: How to Get It?

In Halo Infinite, obtaining the M247 HMG and utilizing it may be difficult but not impossible. It will be simpler for you to obtain the weapon if you are somewhat familiar with the game’s Big Team Battle maps. 

Fragmentation, Highpower, Deadlock, and Behemoth are some of these maps. During Halo Infinite, you must search the battlefields for mounted turrets in order to obtain the M247 HMG. Look closely because there will be turrets all across the map. Alternatively, locate the Warthog vehicles and inspect the rear of them.

Halo Infinite M247 HMG
Halo Infinite M247 HMG

In the Big Group Battle Mode, the M247 HMG will undoubtedly be found with the turrets and in the rear of the Warthog vehicles. The weapon may be taken from a turret and taken by the player if it is discovered there.

You may then just stroll and look for the opponent after that. However, because you’re moving around in this manner, you will be open to assaults.

The Warthog vehicle, however, allows you to go about with a driver and experience the finest mobility ever if the M247 HMG is mounted to it. Not to mention, the enemies will find it very difficult to kill you.

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Just keep in mind to take your time when searching for the M247 HMG on Halo Infinite. It is only accessible on a few select maps. Wait patiently on Deadlock, Fragmentation,  Highpower, and Behemoth for turrets and Warthogs.

The M247 HMG in Halo Infinite: How To Use?

Although we have indicated where to obtain the HMG in Halo Infinite, we will nevertheless provide thorough, comprehensive, and step-by-step instructions below to further explain how to use it effectively.

Step 1: Large-scale combat

In order to locate the M247 HMG weapon, you must first load the Big Squad Battle Match and then explore the Behemoth, Fragmentation, Deadlock,  and HighPower areas.

Utilizing HMG alongside Warthog Vehicle in Step 2

Once the maps have been loaded, you must begin seeking for a Warthog. Simply hop aboard the back seat of the vehicle once you’ve located it and press the interact key. Your HMG gun would be activated when you press this key, and all you need to do to finish the level is use it to kill one adversary.

Step 3: Mounted Turret and HMG

The M247 HMG is present across the maps and is connected with turrets, as was briefly explained above. Start looking for them, and when you do, just take one out of the turret’s base and carry it about while you go hunting. Simply click the middle mouse button to activate the gun and disconnect it.

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Does the M247 HMG Have Power?

The M247 HMG from Halo Infinite is indeed a large and incredibly powerful weapon. The large weapon makes it quite simple to swiftly track down and kill the enemy.

The best thing is that you may complete the M247 week challenge by killing just one adversary. With this weapon, leveling up for the battle pass would be simple; you simply need to locate it!

How to Use the M247 HMG to Get a Kill in Halo Infinite?

The M247 HMG is a strong, air-cooled weapon that only functions with precision. So, on Halo Infinite, you must fire with really high levels of precision if you want to raise your KDA.

Don’t simply squirt and hope. The aim, then shoot quickly! It is preferable to suppress the flames so that your comrades can approach covertly and carry out a killing. This is it for today’s guide we hope it helps you.

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