After being outed, UFC fighter Jeff Molina publicly declared he is bisexual.

Jeff Molina is an American UFC martial artist from the flyweight division. However, recently Jeffery Molina rose to fame for something other than his exceptional skills as a UFC fighter.

A few months back, a scandalous video revealed Jeff Molina’s gay sex. It was followed by the artist’s public declaration of being bisexual. 

In this article, you will find everything about this latest controversy and Jeff Molina’s public response. 

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is Jeff Molina bisexual
Jeff Molina

Is Jeff Molina bisexual? Molina’s response to the leaked video

A few days before Jeff Molina publicly emerged as bi, an alleged video circled through the internet. People consider Jeff the first UFC fighter who has publicly revealed his gay identity. 

 In his tweet, the UFC bantamweight said this was different from how he expected people to learn about his identity.

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However, the chance of informing them himself was snatched away from him. In his message to the world, Molina criticized the homophobic atmosphere in MMA and said that he feared his credentials would be undermined if people learned about this aspect of his life. 

However, Jeff Molina is glad to receive immense support from thousands of people globally. He claims that if people are expressing hatred towards him, there is an equal amount of crowd cheering him up!

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Moreover, he mentions how he wishes to be remembered because of his skills and not as a ‘bi-UFC fighter.’

Who is Jeff Molina? A little insight

Jeff Molina is a young 25-year-old UFC fighter in the flyweight division. He joined the UFC in 2020. Moreover, he has a pro-MMA record of 11-2. However, lately, the Nevada Athletic Commission and UFC suspended him due to the scandalous leaked video involving martial artist Jeffery Molina. 

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Last June, Molina was the only UFC fighter who fought for LGBTQ pride. However, there was a stream of negative comments from MMA fans. But Jeffery Molina still hopes for acknowledgment of the LGBTQ in the future.

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