Is JoJo Siwa pregnant? The TikTok speculation explained

Jojo Siwa is a dancer, singer, actress, and YouTuber from the USA. This talented young girl is also famous due to her appearance on Dance Moms and for her singles, ‘Kids in a Candy Store’ and ‘Boomerang.’ However, these are not the only reasons she’s famous for.

In 2020, several Tiktokers began to post that Jojo was pregnant. In response, the dancer made a TikTok video funnily clarifying the misunderstanding. 

Recently, her photos have again sparked doubt about Jojo being pregnant. But Jojo is a bit of a prankster herself. So, is Jojo Siwa pregnant for real? To find out, keep reading. 

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Is Jojo Siwa really pregnant? 

Does JoJo Siwa pregnant
JoJo Siwa pregnant

In 2020, multiple Tiktok videos stormed the internet claiming Jojo posted a positive pregnancy photo on her Instagram. Therefore, she must be expecting.

In response, Jojo made a video with over 40 million views on Tiktok. In the video, Jojo being hilarious, said that ‘apparently’ she was pregnant. Following this, she remarked, ‘God, I love Tiktok.’

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Lately, these rumors have resurfaced after the Dance Moms star uploaded a Snapchat post. 

But what could a Snapchat story do? Well, in today’s world, it can do alot!

Jojo recently recorded her shopping trip and shared photos of baby clothes she bought for her friend’s kid on Snapchat. Later, as a joke, Jojo uploaded her picture with her hand on her belly, saying, ‘Can’t believe it!’. 

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However, some people didn’t get the joke, and a screenshot of her story got viral on Facebook. Therefore, many people are asking if the photo is genuine. 

In reality, Jojo is not pregnant. Jojo addressed this confusion in her Tiktok video a few days later. Therefore, there is no official announcement of her pregnancy. Many people are now calling Jojo an insensitive person. She has not once but twice faked pregnancy on social media. 

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